Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swimming in quilt squares!

I already mentioned this quilt top in an earlier post, but I am just overwhelmed at the number of completed squares that I got! Each one is sewn together-some by hand some by machine, and all the seams are pressed. Someone spent a TON of time on this, but never got around to finishing it. Then I came along and paid pennies compared to its real value.

I think I'm falling in love with it, even though I really am not a fan of the pattern or design. My mom is coming to stay with us for a couple of days the beginning of next month and she offered to sew the rest of the squares together for me! She offered! She said that sounded like it was right up her alley! She's bringing her sewing machine and can't wait to see it and work on it!

WOW! I'm surprised! Delighted, excited and thrilled, but still surprised! When I sorted the squares, I counted 65 that need to be sewn together and the part that is already assembled has 42 squares.Plus, there is a strip of 7 squares already sewn together. It will either make one massive quilt or two (hopefully) twin size quilts.

I've enjoyed looking at all of the different fabrics used in the squares. Some are just u-g-l-y and some are charming and cute. I wonder if the material was from favorite pieces of clothing or if it was just something the original owner picked up at the store...

Do you recognize any of the designs? Any idea on how old it might be?

This was the only one not pressed...


  1. Those so remind me of my granny's quilts, don't know the name of the design though. Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. I love some of those fabrics! I guess to 'date' it, you'd have to go by those that look the newest, as people stockpiled (and still do) fabrics for a LONG time. If it's like the quilts my great-grandma used to make, it would mostly be pieces of worn out clothes, rather than bought fabric. They never wasted anything!

    You can stretch it to 2 twins by using 'sashing' in between the blocks or by putting a wide border around it, if you have to. Looks like you have some sewing ahead of you (in all your spare time...)