Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mega Mall Flea Market Sunday=AWESOME!!!

I went to the Mega Mall Sunday Flea Market again today! It is on the third Sunday of the month, May (I think) through October. I went last month and really enjoyed it, and when I saw on Facebook that they were getting more and more vendors as the days were getting closer, I decided to head over after church.

They completely sold out all of their vendor spaces -103 vendors!! It was a gorgeous day, bright blue skies, big puffy clouds, 80 degrees...a parking lot PACKED with treasures and a really FUN atmosphere! Most definitely worth the drive!! If you're in Michigan and looking for a great flea market with lots to look at, in a fun atmosphere, you have to visit Mega Mall!

I didn't buy a whole lot ( I don't need anything), but it sure was fun to shop!! I love the DJ and the music, it just makes it even more fun! A lot of the dealers inside have sales when the flea market it going on so it's a double deal-inside and outside treasure hunting at its best!!

I actually saw a vintage Fiesta mixing bowl, that was reasonably priced, and I walked away without it! I think the 12 step program is working! (joking). I already have 3 in that particular size and even though I circled it (3 or 4 times) a time or two, I decided I didn't want to start another set, and I knew if I bought it for the booth, it would never make it there. So, I had to walk away.

I did get Eric a Weber charcoal grill. It has a busted wheel and a tiny bit of rust, but it was a steal (I was reminded of this fact from the seller when I came back to pick it up)- $12. Eric's been asking me all summer to keep a look-out for a charcoal grill for him-so he's thrilled. Especially since is it just like Grandpa's!

I picked up a toiletries bag for Kevin. He likes to have stocked first aid kits in each of our vehicles and these type bags are perfect! They hold a LOT of supplies in clear zipper pouches that are easy to see through and easy to get at.

I got a Gemco condiment set (inside dealer) that is a perfect match to my syrup dispenser from last weekend, a Dept. 56 green and white plaid tablecloth (I had no idea Dept. 56 made tablecloths and no idea that's what this was until I got home), and a moonstone hobnail trinket box.

I stopped at my booth on my way back home, and I was glad that I did!! My front table was a disaster!! It seems that someone was interested in the table itself and made the staff take EVERYTHING off so they could look at it-then decided they didn't want it. The staff just plopped everything back on it and on any open space in the booth that they could find.

I don't blame them. I had that table LOADED with stuff! It still doesn't look as good as it did when I first made the display, there were way too many people in the mall to take the time needed to reorganize it, but at least it doesn't look like a tornado blew it all apart!

I had a GREAT parking spot-just steps away from all the goodies!!


  1. It looks like you had a great time and found some good stuff. Even walked away from a Fiesta mixing bowl...who would believe it?!

  2. Sounds like a great deal on the weber!!

  3. That place sounds and looks like my idea of heaven! I could feel your pain though with the customer getting your display dismantled only to not take it - grrrrrr! I hope your booth did well though on the day!

    Kelly :)