Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pellston's Boy Scout Annual Fundraiser Sale...

On Friday, when my mom and I went to Petoskey for our girl's day out, we drove through Pellston and saw a HUGE area set up with what looked like a giant flea market. We parked and walked in and were promptly told they weren't open until tomorrow. The people inside where there to set up, even though it looked like they were shopping.

I knew I was leaving sort of early on Saturday, so I planned to re-visit the sale-when they were open. I got there around 9:30. I thought it started at 9, but it actually started at 8. By the time I got there, it was very picked over. The tables all had big gaping holes where stuff had been.

There were hundreds of people there shopping like crazy! I made two passes through the whole thing, and I'm glad I did because either I missed some things the first time through, or people set things down after I went through the first time.

I got one bag full of stuff, and made a good donation to the Boy Scouts. I guess this is an annual sale-I'll have to remember that for future trips to my parents. Since my mom's birthday is always around Labor Day, chances are I will be up there again when they are holding another sale. Next time, I plan to arrive before the gates open-who knows what I missed today!

Here are the things I picked up...

I bought my first jar of Annie Sloan chalk paint at the Spud Factory in Gaylord. They sell the quarts too, but $39 a quart was more than I could convince myself to spend.

Two vintage pillowcases that look to be unused.

A nasty gross covered casserole dish.

4 jelly jar glasses.

An EAPG divided relish tray.

A lavender large tablecloth.

Part of a Grandma's flower garden quilt top.

 The biggest vintage tablecloth I've ever seen!

I got the covered casserole and the pillowcases at the Gaylord Goodwill store, the bottles were from my mom and the rest was from the Boy Scout sale.

I took an extra 3 hours to get home, I stopped at a few garage sales in Gaylord too, but didn't find anything I couldn't live without. It was a gorgeous day-80 degrees, sunny, light breeze. Lucy is a great traveling companion, except when she thinks she needs to sit on my lap when I'm driving so she can look out the window!

Since I blew my WW points on Friday with the best pizza ever, I decided to keep on with the yummy junk food for one more day. I got onion rings and chicken strips for lunch and a Reese's mcflurry later in the day. Now, I am home, and will be back on the program for tomorrow.

I got home to a sweet card in the mail from my WW leader, Darline. Encouraging me to keep working at it and not give up-ha! A little late for that for yesterday and today! I won't give up, I'll be back on track tomorrow. Sometimes you just gotta go off track so you can get back on track-does that make sense??

Tomorrow is dealer day at the antiques mall where I have my booth. I have a LOT of work to do in a short amount of time! I've missed the last 3 dealer days!!! My sales have reflected how little attention I've given my booth this summer! I've still made my rent and made a profit each month, but this month's profit is the lowest I've had since I started the booth a year and a half ago.

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