Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally Made it to Dealer Day!

I've missed the last 3 dealer days at the antique/collectibles mall where my booth is. I've had so much going on this summer, that I've been out of town for the first Sunday of the month for the past 3 months! Even though I was up north for my Dad's birthday fishing trip, I came home 2 days early so I could be at dealer day today.

My booth really needed it! There were cobwebs on some of the pictures and in the back corner of the booth-ugh! I ripped the whole thing apart, and re-did it with a fall/autumn theme. I took out two full bins of stuff, and moved things all around.

Kevin went to help unload the car, but he spent the rest of his time there either walking around or playing chess on his ipod. Eric went too, and he helped unload the car as well and he jumped right in and helped rearrange stuff and wrap stuff up that needed to come home.

Kevin left early and went home and Eric stayed until we were all done. We went out for lunch, so I could thank him for all of his hard work-and it was a LOT of work too! The only thing that wasn't touched much was the hanging linens. Everything else got moved or dusted or both.

After lunch we went to the outlet mall that is right next door the the antique mall. It was so packed! I've never seen it so full of people! We went to a few stores, but I didn't find what I was looking for, so we came home. I feel like I could take a nap! After all of the excitement of the past few days, all the driving and hard work preparing for and the hard work of dealer day, I'm pooped!

I was hoping the laundry fairy and grocery shopping fairy would have come come while I was up north, but for some reason, she skipped our house-so that's what I'll be spending the rest of my day doing. That, and baking squash to freeze-we had a huge crop of it in our garden and it's all ripe and ready to go! It will be awesome to have squash as a side dish this fall and winter!

Here is how my booth looked when I left today...


  1. What a great booth! Wish I could shop there!!

  2.'s paked with treasures! I love it when I can rearrange and clean up my booth. Helps create sales too when it's cleaned up a bit!
    I like how you have your linens hanging on a rod...I need to do something like that!