Monday, November 11, 2013

All Set for November...

November Dealer Day was a week ago. I'm just now getting some time to sit down and put pictures together so when it rolls around to December Dealer Day, I'll be able to look at my online invoice for the month and compare what has sold to my pictures, so I know what to do for my display and what I can take to fill in empty spots.

The last part of November and first part of December there will be a sale, so part of me wants to hold back on going all out with the Christmas stuff...but then I run the risk of not being able to sell it if I wait to late to put it out. What would you do?

As you can see, not much changed from the October pictures, other than a few big items moving out. The table pretty much looks the same-none of that stuff went to new homes last month. It will all be discounted next month to move it out!

1 comment:

  1. Looks nice and full! Tomorrow is the dealer work night at Auntie M's along with a potluck! I'm bringing in LOT'S of Christmas. There is a sale this weekend, but I must let it go! TOO MUCH stuff!