Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Tree Ideas...

A week ago yesterday, a friend who volunteers in my office every week, asked me to meet her at a local greenhouse to see what my opinion was for decorations she'd like to do for our church's Advent celebration. She is on the committee and she is in charge of ambiance. Since she hasn't done a lot of things like this at the church, she asked me to help her navigate the waters of who to go to for what she needs to know and things like that.

The back room of the greenhouse was all decorated up like a Christmas wonderland! It was absolutely beautiful! We got some fantastic ideas, took lots of pictures and even talked to the manager about donations. He's willing to donate the use of an artificial tree to us, but that's all he can do. I think we have a bazillion of artificial trees at the church, so I don't think we'll need one of his.

Here is what we saw...

The Advent event this year is focusing on bringing awareness to human trafficking in third world countries, and raising money for the women affected by this and to stop it.

The gym will be decorated like a open air market place and 9 vendors who sell items made by women in third world countries, who have been rescued out of sex slavery will be selling items from linens, jewelry, sandals, and many other items.

We thought we could use some burlap and silver and gold decorations with burlap woven in like some of these trees and wreaths. It kind of seems odd to do and Advent event that is tied to human trafficking, but this year our Women's Ministry department decided rather than have another indulgent event that is a beautiful, expensive event for our women, why couldn't we use that money to help other women by making our middle class, suburban ladies aware of what is going on all over the world. 

The prices at the greenhouse were way out of range for the small amount of money we are willing to put into decorations, so I got busy and did a little shopping at Joann, Michael's and the dollar store. I spent about 10% of what it would have cost to buy it all at the greenhouse, and we got many items that are very similar.

It will be an interesting event. My mind can't quite figure out how it is all going to come together, but I'm sure it will.

If we need more supplies, I just was at Walmart and found a bunch more things we could use at pretty reasonable prices.

 Last year, no one in Michigan was selling deco mesh, this year, it is everywhere!!! I saw it last fall for the first time in Georgia and went crazy trying to find it somewhere in Michigan to buy.


So, if you're looking for ideas on a different type of tree, maybe you could get some from these pics!

My tree at home will be vintage aluminum with vintage ornaments!


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the church function! Thanks for all the eye candy! Too many ideas!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing these glam Christmas tree ideas, they came handy this year.
    Happy Holidays!