Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Grandma's Attic Sale

Last Friday, I had a whole day to do what I wanted to do! I slept in, got a haircut, and went to Livonia to Greenmead for Grandma's Attic. It was billed as a cross between an estate sale and a flea market-all inside.

It was set up in this house:

Friday was the second day of the sale, so I wasn't expecting much. All of the vendors seemed to have an amply supply of things to sell. I am guessing, but I think there were about a dozen vendors, and maybe 5 or 6 shoppers when I was there.

I don't think it would be worth the trip all the way out there for just this event, but if you make a few stops on the way home like I did, it was a day well spent! I also stopped at Knightsbridge Antique Mall in Northville and The Barn Antiques-also in Northville.

I love Knightsbridge! Ever since Auntie introduced me to it, I've loved it! This visit though I wasn't overly impressed...They were having a great sale, and I found a few things I'd like to buy, but they were in locked cabinets. That's not the problem. The problem---no workers walking around to help the shopper!s In order to get a cabinet opened, I would have had to get the girl from the front desk to do it, and she seemed to be the only worker in the whole place at the time.

There were a lot of fun, antique and vintage things to look at, and I would have bought 2-3 things had I thought I wouldn't have had to wait forever to get help. That was very discouraging, and something that has never happened in all the years I've been going there. Usually, there are workers all over the place-ready to help or answer questions when you need them.

I fell in love with this tree!

My heart jumped out of my chest when I saw this stack of tablecloths...until I saw the price-ouch! Do people really spend that much on a vintage tablecloth? I can barely sell them for $24.

The Barn used to be a favorite of mine too, but it had some rough years where it didn't seem to be kept up much, and the inventory never seemed to move. They used to have lawn sales that I loved to go to as well, but the last couple of those I went to weren't worth the drive.

Ginormous houses right on top of the parking lot!

Recently, I received an email from a guy who is working to improve The Barn, and he asked me to stop by and even call if I wanted and he'd meet me there, so I could see the changes they've made, and maybe give them a critique.

Since it was a last minute trip, I didn't call, but I did stop. One thing I noticed right off the bat when pulling into the driveway, is there was really no clear indication from the road if they were even open or not. A flag or some signage would have been nice to draw people in from the road.

The outside doesn't look like it has been changed at all. I was disappointed. I guess I was hoping for it to look new and fresh. When you visit, you have to drive past the barn to park on backside and that is where the entrance is too.

It looked like there was a lot of things possibly for sale outside the entrance, but I didn't notice anything being clearly marked, so I wasn't sure if it was a display or if it was for sale. When you first walk in the door, it is way more inviting that it felt the last time I was there-kudos to them for the welcoming feeling!

There were a few little vignettes/booth areas on the main floor, but most of it seemed to be taken up by a photography studio and craft/paint center. I wasn't expecting it, but it fit in nicely. Upstairs, the "Pickety Patch" seemed to be gone and there were more antiques and collectibles for sale.

I guess if I had to rate it, I'd give it a C-nothing special. Nothing that gives it the WOW-you HAVE to go here when you are in Northville. It's more like, if your're in the area and have the time, stop and check it out. I'm not even sure what they could do to improve it, other than have more variety in the things they are selling/displaying.

It was a nice day to get out, I enjoyed the hunt and was happy to unwind by looking to see what I could see.

 This was from a vendor at Grandma's Attic, she was selling scarves and hand-painted greeting cards.

 Bronze baby shoes! I've been looking for a pair of these and $2 was a great price!

A couple of quarter books.

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