Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Such a DEAL!!!

I am always looking for the few final pieces I need to complete my vintage Fiesta collection. I have all kinds of saved searches on Ebay, and I've always got my eyes peeled for the pieces when I visit estate and garage sales or antique shops.

Quite often, I'll put bids on things online, and quite often I get out-bid, because I'm just not willing to pay so much. Last week, I got super lucky! I got a green relish tray insert for a third of the price that they have been going for! I was the only bidder, and in the last half hour, I was watching and waiting, and expecting someone to snipe it out from under me, but it never happened!

I still can't believe it! Now I just need one more insert and the center to finish this relish tray. For now, my Harlequin nut cups will enjoy the protection of the plexi-glass holder and I'll be able to see them and smile when I see the ten cent stickers and remember the day I scored them!!

I'm always watching for gooseberry Pyrex refrigerator dishes and Federal retro daisy bowls and casseroles too, maybe with enough persistence and patience, I'll find them!

What are some things you are looking for the finish off a set or collection?

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