Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Some Things I've Learned Recently...

During the last 8 weeks of my life, I have been running all over, helping here, helping there, and I've had a lot of time (mostly in the car) to think and are some of the things that have happened to me, things I've thought about, and some things I discovered...

~Eight weeks can go by really fast! While you are busy doing what you're doing, life keeps moving on, I need to try not to be oblivious next time so I don't miss out on so much!

~Four hours in the car gets shorter and shorter, the more you drive it-especially if you have someone to talk to!

~Antibiotics and pain meds at the same time create a messed up stomach! My Dr told me the combination was a perfect storm to create an ulcer or gastritis... I now am feeling the pain of it, but it was the only thing at the time to take care of the ruptured/infected ear drum.

~Some people just don't know how to say doesn't diminish what you did for them, and it certainly isn't why you did what you did, but it is always nice to hear those words.

~If you value my business, and I call you-you better call me back-within a day preferably... otherwise, I will be moving on to someone who does!

~Mom & Pop shops aren't always the best-been waiting 9 months on a TV to be repaired...Stupid, I know...but their policy is a catch 22, no refunds after 30 days, and the part was on order for over the 30 day limit and I didn't want to lose my money so I stuck with it. I stop in every week to "check on it", and I'm constantly told one story after another. I wish I would have went to a big box store!! So much for trying to keep your money local!

~Just when you think you have cried every tear you can cry for a sweet friend who left this world too early, a note arrives in the mail from her widowed husband-thanking you for the love and help you showed her...buckets more come pouring out.

~Allowing someone to treat you a certain way, in the name of keeping the peace, isn't always the right thing to do...sometimes you have to stand up and say no way!

~My boys are pretty stinkin awesome! I am so blessed to be their mom!!! I can't wait to see them with their own kids some day!

~Good friends are the ones that you can pick up a conversation like you never parted-even if it's been forever! Hang on to them-they're keepers!

~Watching your furry friend get old and feeble hurts just as much as watching a human friend or relative. I think it's time...I don't want it to be time...she's been with us over 12 years!!!

~It always pays to do the right thing...even if no one else agrees with you, do the right may end up pleasantly surprised when you're told-"your're exempt from paying tax on that because you bought it from a family member."

~It pays to be persistent, and patient...sometimes things slip through the cracks on Ebay, and you get a steal of a deal on something you've been holding your breath for for years!!!

~It's nice to be at home-with no where to run to...Home Sweet Home!

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  1. It's been a very busy summer and fall here. It is nice to be home and I look forward to some quiet winter days.