Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Sister-in-Law...the Picker!

Over the years, my sister-in-law has watched me go from one collection to another, and has watched my collections grow and grow and grow. She's probably noticed some go away when they've out-grown my vintage kitchenware foster care system too.

She has been awesome about picking at estate sales for me on her side of the state, and just recently she took a trip with her husband to his family's cottage up north to do some picking for me! The cottage hasn't been used much the past several years, and the roof is starting to cave in, so they thought they'd get up there and pull out what they could before it all came down.

With all of the goings on with the in-law's move to Florida, I kind of forgot all about the cabin goodies she said she got for me! This morning, I went into the spare bedroom and found a box of junk treasures sitting on the bed!

Since I was the only one home at the time, I had to try to guess where it came from. After a quick email, she confirmed it was from her! How FUN! There is a chamber pot and baby bottle sterilizer pot somewhere...I still need to find.

I had some errands and housework to do first, but once I got a couple of free minutes, I dug into the box and right away found a jadeite bowl, a pink depression serving dish, a flow blue berry bowl, a transfer ware platter, a funky retro clock and a bunch of other fun stuff!!

Since going through all the treasures junk at my in-laws, I just haven't had any desire to get out and go to sales (plus I haven't been feeling all that well either). So it was kind of fun to have the junk come to me!!

Here is what I found in the box...

 Three tea hottles-with lids!

 Some very well worn/stained melmac.

Love the jadite, flow blue, transfer ware, pink serving dish and white ironstone bowl!!!

THANKS DAWN!!! You're the BEST!!!!

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