Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We are nearing the home stretch with our sun room project (I never thought I'd get a chance to type those words!) and we need to make a decision about the built in cabinets that Kevin is going to make. You may remember a cabinet I fell in love with last year...

The wall between the house and sun room is the perfect size for one of these on either side of the patio door. I'd like to have him make it in knotty pine, but paint it the same color as the one in the picture. Do you think that would be too much of the same color since we have the knotty pine ceiling?

I think the two sheets on the right are too yellow, so I was focusing on the middle section of the two left samples. What do you think? Or should we go with stain? I think I'm all out of decisions right now-there sure have been a lot to make lately!


  1. I just painted my kitchen a pretty yellow called "Milkyway Galaxy" from Behr paint and LOVE IT!
    Love the huge hutch!

  2. If you have unpainted knotty pine, it may have a strong 'orange' cast to it, as finished pine often does. If so, you'll probably want to avoid a yellow that has too much lemon or pastel to it and go toward one with a compatible orange undertone (think gold rather than lemon). It' hard to tell because everyone's monitor color settings are different, but I like the second from the left panel the most. The best way I know of to pick a paint color is to buy a tester of my favorite shade and paint a large sample board and move it around on the wall (in the sun, out of it, in the shade, in artificial light). Gee, I think I sound a little color-obsessive!

  3. Knotty pine is a hard wood to paint because the knots keep showing up! You need to use a really good primer made for that purpose just like Zinzer primer.

  4. Thanks girls for the advice! I appreciate it! Kevin is now pushing to make them out of oak-every other piece of furniture in our house that he has made is oak. I thought it would be nice to make them closer to the style the sun room is taking on. We'll see what we end up with!