Friday, June 10, 2011

My latest finds...

I haven't been out and about very much this week-been too busy! It seems like there has been something every single night after work. I decided to sleep in today and move into the slow lane for a change. Once I finally got up and around, I decided to go to a couple of local garage sales and run a couple errands. I didn't even leave the house until around 11. I picked up the grout and outlet covers for the sun room *I'll show pictures as soon as the tile is all done!), and picked up a few treasures along the way...

 I finally got a #7 Fiesta Vintage mixing bowl!!! This is from Ebay last week.

 The Fiesta sauce boat, Hall water pitcher and little fridgie came from a local consignment store that is going out of business. Everything in their store is 30% off and some things, like the Hall water pitcher are half off.

 I couldn't pass up these books and this set of tiny little spoons. It even says "Little Spoons" on the you know what they were meant to be used for?

 Some plates...trying to figure out if the pink divided plate is depression glass or not...any ideas?

 A box-o goodies! The jar on the right is a sun purple jar with a glass lid, and the book on the left front is Longfellow.

 A couple more pictures holders...I think I am developing an addiction to these! 

Look what I found at our local Salvation Army! a little basket for my granny cart! It will be perfect as a beverage holder as well as for fragile smalls!

I was only out for about an hour today. It was chilly and rainy the whole time I was out. It's better than it was last weekend when it was in the 90's! 


  1. What wonderful goodies you got I am living treasures thru everyone elses blogs this week as mine were so light on sadly

  2. Pretty good hunting for an hour. Great finds.
    - Joy

  3. Great finds. Love your blog. I like hearing about other "junkers" here in Michigan. LuAnn

  4. The top three photos had me drooling rather disgustingly! All lovely.