Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It''s Amazing What You Find...

It's amazing what you can find when you are out and about doing other things! On my trip north to my parents house in the U.P. last Sunday, I stopped at the Goodwill store in Gaylord, to stretch my legs and see if there were any treasures inside.

This is what I found...

 A white Fiesta disc pitcher--$1.99!

 A Pyrex casserole that I found out from some very knowledgeable blog buddies on Pyrex Collective, is called the Tree of Life pattern.
Another bamboo "Florida" bowl. The first one I got sold in two days.

Yesterday, we went to Cheboygan to take my Grandma to a doctor appointment, and while my Mom and Grandma were taking care of that, I tried to visit the two antique shops...but they were CLOSED! One of them had a sign on their door advertising the Bargain Bin a little shop on the outskirts of town. Since I had already struck out at the Salvation Army, and I knew I had at least an hour to waste, I decided to check it out. I found a couple of things and had a nice chat with the owner (I think he was lonely! I heard all about where he used to work before he retired and how he runs the store for his wife until she finally decides to retire). He reminded me of my father in law and chatting with him still brings a smile to my face today when I think about it.

Here is what I found...

After that, we ran to a tiny little place called Brutus, Michigan to pick up some parts for my Dad's boat motor, and on the way back to the bridge we stopped at my all time favorite northern Michigan antique shop. It is called Antiques, Art & Collectibles and it is in Pellston, Mi. It is a neat little shop, and I always find something I can't leave behind. My mom has actually spent more than I have every time we go, and she's not really into antiques! She is more into rustic.

This is what she found this time...

Their house is all pretty much rustic with a few antiques thrown in-see the pine cone couch in the background?

This is what I found...

Today, we went to Pickford to a junk shop. It was so packed with stuff I almost felt neauseated just looking at it all! There really wasn't any order to it-just junk everywhere! The prices for the most part were like antique store prices-not what I was looking for at all! I did find this little Pyrex Snowflake Cinderella bowl, with a lid that goes to a casserole dish. It was taped to the top.

We went to several thrift and junk shops today between Moran, Michgan and Saulte Ste Marie, Michigan and this bowl is all I came home with. My mom was the big winner again today! She got a chair for $6 and then we went to JoAnn and she picked up some material and plans to recover it-she's done a LOT of re upholstery work over the years.

Here's the before shot and the new material...She has promised me an after shot-so stay tuned!

Looking forward to a new place and a new adventure tomorrow! We are driving to Traverse City to visit a childhood friend and maybe hit a couple of antique shops while she is at work and then we'll meet for dinner and catch up.

Friday, my Mom and I are heading west to Manistique for a couple of garage sales, a junk shop and a couple of antique shops. There is an auction at 5pm that we may stick around for-if she doesn't get too bored. She's not into the treasure hunt like I am! ;)

My Mom may need a long nap after I leave, or at the very least a few days of just sitting still (although that will never happen!) We've been running around alot the past few days and our plans for the next two involve a lot more. That's the problem when you live int he U.P.-nothing is very close--but the gorgeous scenery makes up for it all!!


  1. I have a disc pitchure too I didnt know what it was called tho I found it a month or so back
    here is the post I did be warned you have to do some scrolling but I love my jug.

  2. Good grief, picture after picture of glorious stuff! Love the pyrex finds best.