Sunday, June 5, 2011


Oh Yeahhhhh!!! Even though it was hot and steamy again today I am thrilled that we went to the Greenmead Summer Flea Market. Greenmead is an historic farm site in Livonia, Michigan that was purchased by the city in 1976. It is 95 acres and was the homestead in the 1820's of Joshua Simmons. They have brought in other historic buildings and placed them around the property. It still has the original barn-the very first barn built in Livonia township. It was built in 1829 and nine of the original eleven outbuildings are still intact!

It is a lovely piece of property! Next time I go, I plan to take more time to look at the buildings and take some pictures to share. The next flea market is in September and with it being so close to home, and the admission only $2 I will for sure go back! The entry fee goes to the maintenance and preservation of the buildings and property. They also have one building filled with donated items that the proceeds go to the farm property as well.

I spent a lot more today than yesterday, and I told Auntie on our way home that I was going to sell it all...then I started unwrapping...and remembered what I bought! I am keeping some of it...see if you can figure out what I will be keeping and what I'll take to the booth. If you've been following my blog for a while, I'm sure it won't come as a surprise when I tell you at the end of this post what stays and what goes!

 A burlap ice bucket! It was $3 and she wouldn't go any less. I found out why when I pulled the top price sticker off and saw that the bottom price sticker said $13! This will be fantastic with the 4 burlap tumblers I got from my grandma.

 A very old, very worn Doctor's bag from around 1900-1910. The latches still work, but some of the stitching has come out on one side. Guess how much? It was marked $3 and I got it for $2!

 3 Milk glass mixing bowls in wonderful shape-complete with the previous owner's wadded up trash inside of them and under them! They were $1 each.

 What do you think of this vinyl quilted toy box? It is in wonderful shape-not one single tear or rip in the vinyl-just a little dirty and I'm hoping softscrub will take care of that.

 Finally one in a down to earth price range! A Fire King Tulip splash proof bowl-it's the big one. the paint is faded and scratched and the inside is stained (I'm hoping some comet with bleach on the inside will take care of the stain), but it was only $7-that is a crazy low price!

 An orange fired on bowl with the original lid $12. There is a funny story that goes with this bowl...I saw this bowl last September when we went to Greenmead for the first time, but I thought $15 was too high and I walked away without even making an offer. I was kicking myself all the way home for not making an offer. Well, guess what?!? The bowl was still there when we went back today, in the same spot-wayyyy at the back under some lovely shade trees (same exact spot it was in last fall!) and it was still $15. I got it for $12.

 A turquoise mini fridgie with a lid $6 and a Pyrex 401 pink stripe bowl.

 A metal tissue box cover $2.

 A Pyrex "Bake-a-Round". It is exactly what you see in the picture on the box. A clear glass tube, open at both ends with a wire rack for baking loaves of bread. I'm curious how you get the bread out without breaking the glass! I've seen these for a few years for around $20, but was never interested in paying that much. My cheap side won out and I got it today for $2!

Can you picture these two painted chippy white, or pink or green with either an enamel pot or galvanized bucket filled with a spike, some vinca vine and some wave petunias? They were $2.50 each! I could even picture them with new barkcloth seats! Hmmm...what to do, what to do!

If I was to rate this sale on our Frogs & Princes rating scale...I'd have to say that this adventure was definitely a very handsome prince of a sale!

P.S. I am keeping the striped Pyrex bowl and the awesome turquoise fridgie, the tulip bowl, the Pyrex bread tube, and the fired on bowl-selling the rest-but you already knew that-right?!?


  1. So many great things what fun.I was hoping you was keeping th eleather bag but then I havent been reading your posts long enuff lol

  2. I wouldn't paint the chairs because of the beautiful wood work on the backs. I think barkcloth seat covers would look lovely!

    And, oh, I had a wonderful time at Greenmead and (as usual) my blog post will be a day or two behind yours. I always have to copy what you do! :-)