Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun Night!

What do you do on an evening that is on and off rain, on and off sun? You head over to the next town to a tiny little pub and listen to a friend's son compete in a karaoke singing contest held by a local country radio station!  It was a fun night...(yep! we're home already!) it was from 7-9pm, but he was the second singer-and the rest sounded like someone stepped on a cat's tail! We left while we still had ear drums.

It was fun and so nice to see the surprise on my friend's son's face and how happy he was that Eric and I came out to hear him sing and cheer him on! He got to pick which judge he wanted to give him feedback after he was done singing, and unfortunately,  he picked the jerky judge. The guy was just mean-maybe he was supposed to be the country version of Simon.

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