Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wonderful Wicker!

Look what I found today!
It is in incredible shape-no damage and very sturdy with a cane seat.
An oak chair $1.67.

A box of old ornaments-for my jar.

Souvenir plates.

Two tablecloth/napkin sets, a glass candy thermometer, a saki cup, 6 white egg cups a little chair and two vintage dish towels.

A carved wooden box.

A little three-legged table, an old basket and some doilies.

An old nativity blow mold set.

A couple of bread boxes and a couple more chairs.

A pink pill box hat and an ice bucket.

A 1936 print, a vintage hairdryer in the round case, a couple of lamps an old cast iron frog and a measuring cup chopper.

I got up extra early to hit two sales that started early and promised great things from their ads. I didn't have much time for sales today because I had to meet my mom in West Branch to pick up Eric. That's the half-way point to my parent's house in the U.P..

I spent $40 and had my car filled to the roof from behind the driver's seat-all the way to the back hatch! I raced home, dumped it all off and took off to the north. It all happened so fast, I still can't believe it happened! I didn't get pictures of everything I got, I skipped a few things (like a wooden kiddie rocking chair, a couple of vintage souvenir trays and a light up blow mold Easter bunny and a few other things I can't remember right now).

We visited two antique shops in downtown West Branch, but the prices were really high, and nothing different or unusual popped out at me-so nothing came home with me. We stopped at a giant outlet mall on our way home and checked out a couple of shops, but didn't get anything there either. All the driving and stopping made for a longgggg day-I'm glad to finally be home!

Eric has been on chicken duty since he got home. One of his girls has a hurt leg. It might be broken. She doesn't seem to be in pain, but he says her whole thigh is green under her feathers, and the leg just dangles. She doesn't seem to be in pain, she is still eating and drinking and laying eggs. We are concerned that it might be gangrene.

Our antique mall is having a sale next weekend to celebrate their 9th anniversary-Auntie and I signed up to participate in the sale-I'm glad it is only a few days long and not a week and a half like the last sale! I'd like to put the high chair in the booth for the sale, but have no idea what to put on it. What do you think? I've seen them on the internet from $65 to $229.


  1. Oh wow you sure did well and there was more? Love that chair maybe price it highre then lower it if you have to? Love that wooden box too as I collect them as well.

  2. Wow you bagged loads of goodies! Scarlett x

  3. You've done brilliantly - love the Christmas decs and the old basket, and the chairs will be great when given a bit of TLC.