Saturday, June 4, 2011

This is turning out to be a busy weekend!

This morning, my friend Chicken's Auntie (or just Auntie) and I took off for the long awaited, highly anticipated Michigan Antique & Collectibles Festival at the Midland Fairgrounds. It's about an hour and a half drive, so it's not a trip we'd make every weekend, but twice a summer isn't a problem!

I was disappointed to see that they had raised the admission from $4 to $6. That is pushing it for me I think. If it goes up any higher, combined with gas prices...I probably won"t keep going every year.

There were still hundreds of vendors-maybe even the 1000 vendors that they promised, but most of them were dealers, with dealer prices. Not the great prices we have found in the past. A lot of items were just ridiculously high. I did manage to find a few things...but no where near as much as last year. There was Pyrex just about everywhere today and not much Fiesta

It got up to 86 steamy, hot, sweltering degrees in Midland today and we spent 99% of the day under the beating sun. We went into the buildings, but they were actually worse because there wasn't any breeze. It's been so long since we've had really warm weather here in Michigan, that I actually forgot how miserable you can get when you're dripping with sweat and totally worn out from walking for4 hours straight! It was 91 when we got home-ugh!

After a long cool shower and some clean, non-sweaty clothes, Kevin and I went out for our Anniversary dinner! 23 years ago today, we were two 20 year olds who thought we knew it all, and after all this time...we still don't know it all! With all of the exercise today, the warm sun, and a wonderful dinner...I'm feeling a little sleepy!

 Tomorrow is another treasure seeking day! Greenmead Summer Flea Market! They hold one at the beginning of summer, and one at the end. Last year was our first year and it was so much fun! Kevin and Eric went too, and Kevin loaded up on enamelware. He plans to stay home tomorrow-probably poolside. I'll try to take more pictures tomorrow, I didn't do such a good job of it today!

Here is what I got today...

Yeah, more kettle corn. I know, I just got some last Sunday, but shortly after I took the pic last week, one of the boys took off with the bag, and that was all she wrote-it was gone! I got a bunch of little swanky swigs, a stack of vintage kitchen towels, an ivory Fiesta grill plate and a tiny amethyst pitcher. I just missed out on a gorgeous white wicker chair that was only $18!!

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