Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking advantage of the sun!

Our Michigan winter has been so mild this year! I've been LOVING the sunshine and blue skies!! I decided to tackle a HUGE pile of linens that has been piling up since fall. I soaked them for hours, and then hung them in the sun to dry. It felt amazing to be doing that in February! No gray skies here! I LOVE seeing the linens flapping in the breeze! It just brings a smile to my heart!

 See the remnants of the ice rink that never was in the background??


  1. What are the linens for? They are really pretty! It is also a beautiful day here in AZ, but I guess that's to be expected!

    1. They were supposed to go in the booth, but I think I need to "foster" them at my house for a little while before they can go to their forever homes! :-)

  2. How do you have grass? We have at least 3" of snow everywhere. I went out in my boots and hung out my tablecloths. They looked funny dipping down into the snow!

  3. love seeing clothes on the line. sun here but snow tomorrow!