Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Unfinished Quilt...

I picked this unfinished applique quilt up at an estate sale last Thursday in a very old farm house in the middle of nowhere. It was only $2. Someone started it, but never finished it. I would say it is probably about 50% or a little more done. There is one section that has the pieces all pinned in place, but you can see it has been stored away for a long time with them pinned in.

I think it was from a quilt kit because the pattern is printed on the white background fabric and the pieces that are pinned on look to have been pre-cut. I think it would be an amazing quilt if it ever got finished! The parts that are done, have been sewn by hand, by someone who was very meticulous. Can you believe the people selling it only valued it at $2??? How many hours were put into this to only be essentially sold off for pennies.

I'd like to find material to fill in the remaining shapes and spaces, but I'm afraid my lack of patience and sewing skills would show up like a dead flower on the quilt that is already so beautiful! Maybe my mom would be up for a project...I always come up with the ideas and pass the actually work on to her-she loves to sew and knit and to do stained glass and fused glass. Me, I like to plan the ideas, buy the pieces and then watch someone else make it come to life...I get too critical and if it starts failing, or looking not like I imagined it, I give up-I'm gonna have to work on that!


  1. I've never seen a quilt quite like the one you bought. Amazing find.

  2. I know for a fact that it came from a kit. My grandmother made one like that (though a different type of flower and design) for me and for my sister when we got married. You bought the kit and it came with the white top with a pre-printed design and also had all the fabric with the pieces pre-printed on it and numbered. Hers had a diagram that told where all the numbered pieces went. The person would cut out the shapes, applique them on by hand and then quilt it all together and bind it.

    Hand applique is very time-consuming and requires LOTS of patience! It took her months to finish them both! It's a shame that the people who had it didn't value it more, but you're the happy recipient of their foolishness!

    It wouldn't be hard to find compatible colors in quilt fabric, but then you (your mom or whoever finished it) would have to figure out the design like a jigsaw puzzle. I actually think it sounds like fun!

    Great find!

    1. Thanks for the info Auntie!!! It makes the quilt even more of a treasure!!