Friday, February 17, 2012

What Did You Do Today???

I didn't go to any sales today. I have enough junk treasures to get me by until something wonderful comes along. Instead, I ran errands all morning, had a super fun lunch out with my guys at Applebees (the Paradise Chicken Salad is very good!), got the car washed, cleaned the garage and (the cat is out of the bag...) took the rest of the Christmas lights off the house and the trees in the front yard-gasp!!

Now, I'm taking a break before I tackle the laundry and cleaning my room. While we were out, the boys had me stop at Planet Fitness, and they both went in and joined! It was $20 to join and $10 a month for a year, and you pay each month. I guess going to lunch with me tired them out, because they are at home now watching Sponge Bob-resting before they go work out for the first time!
Isn't that blue sky gorgeous?!?!?

While I waited in the car, I cleaned the inside of the car and found some papers I picked up last weekend when I visited Mega Mall. If you live in Southeast Michigan, or are within driving distance of Mega Mall in Lansing, you might want to mark these dates on your calendar!

Break time is over! Off to finish my chores-then over to your blog to see what you did today! Thanks for stopping by!!

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