Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekend Finds...

This was a great weekend to be out and about searching for junk treasures at estate sales! The weather here in Michigan is more like end of March/early April weather and not February. There has been plenty of blue skies and sunshine to enjoy with the mild temperatures. I could get used to these kinds of winters!!

On Friday, I got to hang out with my friend and co-worker the Chicken's Auntie from the blog Kitschy Vintage. We used to go junking together almost every Friday, but haven't been out together for several months. Boy did we talk, and talk and talk, and talk some more!! It was great to catch up-even if the sales weren't that great.

We went to a few sales that looked way better in the pictures that they turned out to be in person. The first sale, the one I was hoping to snag a vintage Fiesta pitcher and tumbler set from, ended up being super high prices, so I only walked away with a couple of vintage paper items and an old peanut butter jar.

The next couple of sales were frogs, and definitely not worth the gas to get there, but we had the talking and catching up to keep us occupied!  The last sale of the day was a digger sale. We got there about an hour and a half after it started and there was still a line! There was probably about 20+ people in line in front of us! Isn't that crazy!?!

We waited about an hour to get in, and I enjoyed talking with the other junk hunters in line around us. I even saw the older lady who outbid me at the auction in Gregory on the boxes of swanky swigs, at the end of summer! I never expected to run into her again-especially at a place that was probably about 100 miles in the opposite direction of where I saw her the first time!

Once we got in the house, it was stinky-so I was hoping for some great junk. I've been getting lucky at the stinkies lately, but my lucky stinky streak ran out! I spent about $20, and I got a few things, but I don't think it was worth waiting all that time for in line. I most definitely don't think it was worth the drive-but all the talking and catching up was worth it!

Here is what I picked up-besides filthy dirty hands and a stink embedded in my clothes and hair! As soon as I got home, everything I was wearing went right into the washer!

 Kevin and I went to a sale on Saturday that was listed as "MASSIVE", but it was a tiny little frog of a sale. It was family run, and I think they were very overwhelmed with having to have the sale, so it probably seemed massive to them. I felt bad for them because an old man went off on them because he went into a room that was off limits and tried to buy something that wasn't for sale. He was a jerk and her really rattled the lady taking the cash. Her husband came in when he heard what was going on and sat down next to her they very patiently waited for the old guy to run out of steam and we all laughed about it when he left-kind of relief/can you believe that-type of laugh.


We stopped at an Entenmann's Outlet and loaded up on bread and donuts! Two boxes of donuts were devoured before I got everything out of the bags and onto the table! We are going to be sooo rich when these two moose boys finally move out!!!

All of the extra bagels and loaves of bread are safe and sound in our new refrigerator (freezer). Yep! The fridge died last week...we're taking bets on which appliance is going to die next month! I say dryer, and Kevin says dishwasher-wanna get in on the bet? There's still the stove and microwave!

I was (and still am) thoroughly impressed with the delivery guys! The just used two giant canvas straps and carried out our old fridge and brought in the new one. They didn't use a dolly, and they parked at the bottom of our driveway (which is at the bottom of a hill)!

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