Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ann Arbor Thrifting Adventure...

Since I have to work tomorrow, I ended up with today off. Mr BHTS had today off too. Our first thought was to go see a movie...but the only one I wanted to see didn't start until after 1:00-half the day is over just waiting for the movie to start!

Then I decided to see what kind of thrift/antique stores I could find for us to visit in Ann Arbor. My  Sister-in-law tells me about a little antique shop that she loves to visit every time I see her (about once a year). I've looked for it when I've been in the area, but never found it. She sent me a flyer from their store yesterday, so I thought we'd check it out.

Our first stop was the Ann Arbor Thrift Store. I've driven by it many times, but never had the time to stop. It is very tiny, and I'd say 95% of what is inside is clothes. It has a few household items, but not many, and none of them were vintage. It was good to stop, because now I know that I am not missing anything.

 The next stop was the ReUse Center on S. Industrial.This was a huge place with all kinds of things from lumber to dishes, books, exercise equipment, furniture and household repair type things. 

Just down the street was the Ann Arbor PTO Thrift. I visited this store last year and found some fun vintage treasures. This time, it seemed pretty bare.

The next stop was Antelope Antiques on Liberty. Parking was an adventure all in itself! We found an underground parking structure that seemed pretty new. It was kind of disconcerting knowing we were three levels under ground when we finally found a parking spot!

 Antelope Antiques is in the lower level. The awning is across the front of the building, but you have to go downstairs to get in. My brother-in-law must really like this shop to go down those stairs with his bad back!

 It is a very tiny little hole in the wall antique shop. Two older gentlemen were sitting behind the counter visiting while we were there. The prices were way higher than I'm used to finding things for, so we made a quick perusal and left.

We stopped at the Salvation Army-it was packed! I went in solo and came out with a couple of cool retro pillow cases-sorry-forgot to take a picture!

The next stop was Treasuremart! I love Treasuremart-you never know what you will find. It's a new store every time you visit. It too was packed with shoppers. We had to park a couple of blocks away and walk in the 10 degree winter wonderland.

Just a block away is Zingermann's Deli. I've see it for years. I've heard about it for years. I've seen long lines out the door for years in the summer, and I've always wanted to stop-so today we did! They've added on to the building and it looks like they've bought adjacent buildings, so there is tons of room.

We ordered a chicken club sandwich. It was on homemade bread and very tasty! It was also very pricey-$11.50 each, but then you did get a giant pickle with it. The beverages are not your run of the mill Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew. They had artisan sodas that were very fun and refreshing. I got vanilla cream-just like cream soda-YUM!

The dining area that we sat in had old school chairs at the tables, in all kinds of colors as well as thick wooden planks along the wall.

The bacon on the sandwich was probably the best bacon I've ever had, you could really taste the smoky flavor. This was a small sandwich-I couldn't imagine the large!!! Each slice of bread was at least an inch thick. I reverted back to my childhood and peeled the crust off...I'm not a crust person, although I like crusty french bread.

After that, a quick trip to Costco for gas and some groceries, now we are home sitting in our sun room, enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house. It's so quiet, I am fighting keeping my eyes open-maybe a nice little nap would be a good way to end my adventurous day!

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