Friday, January 10, 2014

First Estate Sale of 2014

I saw some pictures on Wednesday of a sale that was starting yesterday, that looked like it was going to have some fun treasures. I couldn't go Thursday morning because I had to work. I thought about going after work, because I got off early, but by the time I was done with work, I was done for the day-I just wanted to get home and chill.

I decided to make the trip this morning. It was 40 miles away, and I mapped out 4 thrift stores, a consignment shop and an antique mall to hit on the way home. That way I don't feel so bad about spending the gas to go to a sale that is so far away.

The house was way out in the middle of nowhere. I was surprised at how clear the roads were with all the snow we've gotten, and how far from a main road this sale was.

Since it was the second day, everything was 25% off, and there really wasn't many people shopping-all the better for me! I couldn't find any bags when I was leaving the house this morning. It has been so long since I've been to an estate sale, My stash of big treasure bags has disappeared! Luckily, since it was the second day, there wasn't a mob of people, and I was able to leisurely shop and add things to my hold pile at the check-out.

It was a fun day! I got lots of fun things. Here is what came home with me today:

 The mirror I plan to paint bright turquoise or hot pink. The hand towel reminded me of a chenille bedspread. Two honey whip jars that are pretty filthy-hope they come clean. Two rolls of vintage Christmas wrapping paper never opened. Three Corning Crown turquoise band plates, Two clear dinner plates, a syrup pitcher, a vintage Christmas tin, a fired on mini pitcher, a large old medicine bottle, a 70's daisy canister, a glass bundt pan for jello, a Moroccan amethyst bowl, a lid for a fired-on loaf pan (75 cents!), some tiny Mason jars, a green enamel pot, a restaurant ware bowl, some bubble bowls, and two Fiesta grill/divided plates.

 Pretty faded, but will be a great dish towel.

 These work great for hanging things in the booth.

Another fix for my vintage bottle fascination. 

I got the Fiesta grill plates at Fratz Consignment in Fenton. I just happened to stop in on the very day that they were at their lowest price! I got both of them for less than one on Ebay, and I didn't have to pay shipping.

The  mail is finally coming again. Yesterday was the first day that we've had mail delivery since last Saturday-before all the snow. Today it got up to 37 degrees-almost balmy, considering what we've been having. We're supposed to get a lot of rain tomorrow. I hope not! I am thinking of going to another estate sale, and I hate standing in the rain!!!

This came in the mail yesterday:
I wonder why they bothered to throw in the corks-they aren't even the same size and they aren't original to the shakers...the shakers are pretty dirty, but once they've soaked in some hot soapy water, they should be just fine.

This was a nifty thing I found online. I thought I ordered one...I got 6. Six packages like this with six in a package. It is a spice rack of sorts. It sticks to the inside of your cupboard and you hang your spice bottles from it, making it easier to see your spices, and making more room in your cabinets. What in the world am I going to do with 36 strips??? Each one holds 4 spice jars. I have a lot of spices, but not quite that many!

The lighting is really bad in this shot-it isn't faded, it is really gorgeous!!

Here are some things I saw while I was out and about today:

 This was HUGE, and so awesome!

 I saw this place as I was driving by. I turned around, found a parking spot, and walked up to the door and there was furniture in front of it and the door was locked! There was a neon sign in the window that said OPEN, but no way to get in! 

 This was so much fun to walk up on! 

See how out in the middle of nowhere the estate sale was?? Aren't the roads in great shape?!?

How was your Friday??


  1. You found some great stuff! It looks like you had a good day and it was definitely worth the drive. I love the turquoise & black cast iron casserole -- I hope you bought it!

  2. Looks like you got some great stuff. I am itching to get out and do some junking but no sales here right now.