Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day Thrifting!

By now, I am sure you've heard about the snow-pocalypse  of 2014 that buried Michigan...right? We got about 18 inches at our house, and now it is snowing again! It's also blowing and drifting like crazy. The actual temperature is 2 degrees with a windchill of -25+. I made it to work this morning. I was the only non-salary person to make it in.

I worked/manned the phones/front desk for a few hours then went home. It seems our newest neighbor has some sort of weird hybrid/homemade tractor-like vehicle and he has very generously plowed a single path down our road so that we can get out. The road commission hasn't touched it yet, and were it not for our neighbor, we'd be stranded.

I went home and picked up the boys and we went out to lunch. Then ran to a few shops to try to find some little booties for Lucy. She doesn't like her little paws touching the cold snow so she is fighting going outside right now.

We didn't find any in her size, but we really enjoyed the calm/stillness of the big box stores with no one in them! We even ventured out to a local thrift store! It was busier in the thrift store than the big box, sells everything store.

I found some great things at the thrift! Today was half off blue tags and 75% off green tags. Once I find some fun things, I always wish there was another thrift close by to keep hunting!

This is what came home with me today:
 A 99 cent record for the youngest's new/old record player from Grandpa.

 My first Redmon!

 A vintage ivory Fiesta creamer, and a set of 4 mod-flower McDonald's glasses. Did you know these existed? I've never seen them before!

 A chippy white metal (heavy) wine rack. Why would I want this when I don't drink wine??

 Two different plate racks-soon to be sprayed a happy color!

Ta-da! A rack to hold vintage rolling pins!!! As soon as the snow goes away, this will be sprayed bright turquoise!

It will be a while!!

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