Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fun With Mod Podge and Spray Paint

I have been wanting a locking cabinet in my booth for almost the entire time I've had my booth. I have been too cheap to put any money out for one though. I found a great one this summer, but passed on it thinking it was too high, and when I decided to go back and get it, it was gone.

Late last summer, I found a white kitchen cabinet at a garage sale (it was actually 2, a really skinny one and a regular sized one). The guy just wanted them gone-he sold both of them to me for $6. After I got them home, I didn't think they were what I wanted, so they sat in the garage--until this week.

Mr. BHTS took the John Deere tin sign off the door, and cut out the middle section and we went to Lowe's and got a piece of glass cut to fit. I also bought some hardware to use for locking it and a lock. Then came the hard part...should I just leave it white? Should I paint it? What about Mod Podge-ing some vintage material all over it?

I ended up painting it a light pink color (I think it looks vintage-y), and I found some scrapbook paper at Michael's and Mod Podged it on the door and the shelves. I love the fact that not one other dealer in the mall will have a cabinet like this in their booth! I love to be different!

It is the perfect size for all but one of my head vases.and a couple other small treasures that I don't worry so much about being stolen-I worry more about them being broken. I can always take out a shelf to make room for taller stuff once a few heads sell.

I think it will go really well with the aqua and white shelves that are already in my booth, and hopefully it will add a little punch so people walking by will want to go into the booth to see what the cabinet is all about and what's inside of it!

How are your January sales going so far? Mine are really slow!! I hope it picks up, I may not make my rent if it doesn't!!! I hear it is slow throughout the whole mall, so it's not just me, but it is still discouraging! I hope your January sales are leaps and bounds better than mine are!!

Here is what the cabinet looked like when it came home (the bottom cabinet):

It is really, really heavy, and I think it is a homemade cabinet with a store bought door. It is reinforced with two by fours on the inside! I couldn't have even bought the materials for the price I paid for it.

Here we go, getting started:
 Before shot of the door with the center cut out for the glass.

 Scrapbook paper from Michael's 59 cents a sheet-used 7 sheets.

 Glass cut to size at Lowe's.

A shot without the door. Some of the girls have issues, and I bought them really cheap, so I'm not expecting big bucks for them, but I've had a lot of things end up broken, so I'll lock them up.

Here is the finished product:

We took in a farm fresh chippy white enamel table and cupboard today too!


  1. I love how you redid the cabinet. It is so sweet in pink!

  2. That is a transformation! Lovely! And I love your girls too, what a fabulous collection! xx

  3. Looks awesome! I would be the buyer that would ask if the cabinet was for sale :-)

    Have a great week!