Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Wish List!

I'm starting the new year off with a new wish list. I am going on an all day antiquing/treasure hunting adventure soon, so I need a reminder of what I'm still looking for. If you haven't made yourself a wish list yet, I highly recommend it! Not only does it help you while you are out searching, it helps at the end of the year when you go back and see all the great things you got.

My 2014 Wish List:

 Harlequin novelty pitcher in green.

 Harlequin individual creamer in green.

Gooseberry Pyrex refrigerator dish set.

 Fiesta jewelry.

 Need only 2 to finish set!

 Need the smallest 3 to finish set.

 Sealtest Cottage Cheese bowls-only have red and yellow-hoping to find other colors
 Victorian hat pins.

Vintage white corner cupboard...don't have room for it, but would LOVE one!

 Amethyst Glass rolling pin.

 Need the two middle sizes.

Need the big one and the little one.

 Would LOVE one in any color!

 Looking for a second iron bed frame for the guest room.

 Fiesta grill plate or divided plate in red.

 Harlequin pitcher in red.

 Need only the two smaller sizes.

Vintage Yo-yo quilt.

I am not limiting myself to just these things-as I am sure you know if you've seen my past wish lists! I'm also looking forward to all the new treasures I'll find that I never thought of before!

What's on your 2014 wish list???

All images are borrowed from internet, they are not my own images.