Friday, January 17, 2014

Slow Down and Actually Read the Description!!!

Last week, I was shopping online for some vintage Fiesta, and I got outbid on everything (nothing new there). Then I got an email that said I had a second chance! I glanced at the picture, didn't look at the listing and clicked YES, I want it. I was so excited, because I thought I had been bidding on a green relish tray center.

It turns out, I was actually bidding on a green Kitchen Kraft stacking bowl! I already have a green, Kitchen Kraft stacking bowl-doh! Why didn't I catch that when I placed my bid? It turns out, I was bidding on a relish tray insert at the same time, and somehow I ended up bidding on the staking bowl too.

It is in pretty much mint condition, but now I need to sell it! I definitely will be going much slower when I bid on something from now on!! I did get a couple of vintage Fiesta mixing bowls last week as well, I got 4 but only needed 1---sigh---more to sell...or should I start the hunt to finish the set??


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck bidding on something you didn't want -- I think most of us have either bid on or grabbed (too quickly) something we were excited about, only to find out later it was a mistake...
    One a happier (and funnier) note, I sat here chuckling as I read the last line - "or should I start the hunt to finish the set??" I *KNEW* you'd end up looking for yet ANOTHER set! TOO funny!

  2. I feel your pain...excitement can overwhelm us all at times. Really enjoy your blog!