Saturday, February 1, 2014

An All Day Adventure

My day began bright and early yesterday as I left the house around 7:30-ish. I was starting the day at a community, indoor, fundraiser garage sale. I got there about 15 minutes early and had the option of paying $5 to get in early or wait in line and get in for free. The first time I went, I got in free, the second time, I paid the $5, and probably shouldn't have. This time, I chose to wait.

I was behind an older couple who were first in line. There was a good-sized line behind me. As we were waiting, an older woman started making her way up the line chatting with people until she ended up chatting with the guy holding back the line. She chatted with him for about 7 or 8 minutes, then moved over to chat with the couple in front of me. The whole time, remaining at the front of the line.

When they let us in, guess who got in first? She was pretty sneaky in how she went about doing it, and she got away with it, because as far as I know, no on complained. It was such a slick maneuver, I bet she has done it before, and honed it to the perfected method that I saw.

I was disappointed with the sale. I didn't find any exciting treasures, just things I bought because they were cheap, not because I wanted or needed them. There was a LOT less stuff than in years past, although I think the clothing section was bigger.

After that sale, I headed to a thrift store that I mapped out before I left home. My main plan of the day was to meet up with my sister-in-law to go for pedicures and dinner to celebrate her big 5-0. She had to work until 3, so that gave me a lot of time to play!

Grace Centers of Hope

I was really impressed with the thrift store. It was huge, and the prices seemed to be really reasonable. The shelves were very full, but I didn't find anything that had to come home with me. I wish it was closer, I'd visit more often!

Then on to 2 estate sales. The first one was the second day. The sale was actually mostly in the basement. The upstairs of the house looked to be gutted-down to plywood floors, bare walls, etc. Maybe they were planning a big remodel. There was still a ton of stuff left for being the second day, and the dealers weren't dealing much. I only bought one thing.

The second sale was the first day, lots of stuff throughout the entire house, decent prices for the most part, I found 3 things. After that sale, I went to Odd Fellows in Berkley. I've been wanting to go for years! I've stopped twice, but they don't open until 11am and I had Mr. Crabbypants with me both times and we couldn't wait around for them to open.

This time, I got to go in and explore both floors for as long as I wanted and it is worth the trip! I'm so glad I got to visit! I am looking forward to a return trip sometime soon! They had some of the same old things that you see at all antique malls, but they also had a lot of unique and different things. For the most part, prices were decent, with the exception of a few outlandish prices-just like at any antique mall.

Then on to the S.A. in Rochester. WOW! That's a huge store, with a great layout. Lots of things to choose from, a comfortable shopping atmosphere but...checking out was a nightmare! Only 2 cashiers on duty, with a ridiculously long line waiting for the next available cashier, and a poor woman with two screaming, fit-throwing little boys. I felt bad for her!

Fortunately, the jewelry counter lady started ringing up cash only sales, so I was able to get out quickly. In addition to the long lines, people had full carts-so check out took a serious amount of time for each person. Hopefully they work on that, because it seems like they have everything else going for the store!

By the time I was done there, I was right on time for my sister-in-law to get home from work. I let myself into her house with the code on her garage door. Boy, is that weird letting yourself into someone else's house when they aren't there. I think I was there only about 5 or 6 minutes when she came home.

We went down the street to a nail place for our pedicure appointment. They did a good job, but I couldn't help but notice the guy doing my toes, spent a considerable amount of time watching TV. Watching Michael J. Fox on the Ellen show. One leg got a great massage-the other, not so much. The polish job looks great, but I wasn't overly impressed with the workers.

After we got our tootsies soaked, hydrated and polished, we walked a couple doors down for dinner. It was actually an early dinner-still during the lunch special time. We got an egg roll, entree and fried rice for $4.55 each! It was a full plate of food, and very filling!!

The next part of the adventure was about 20 minutes away at Fraser Hockeyland to watch my cousin's son's college hockey team. They won 5-0!! I felt bad because there were probably 50 people or less there to watch the game, and I think 14 of us were there for just 2 guys.

I got home around 11, it was a fun, but long day. Today I am busy pricing and cleaning stuff for the booth to get it ready for Valentine's Day-tomorrow is Dealer Day again. January was the worst month I've had in 3 years. I didn't make my rent by $12. Now I am trying to decide if I continue with the booth, and just chalk it up to bad weather=slow sales, or should I take this as a sign it's time to get out while the getting is good? What are your thoughts or opinions? What would you do?

We are in the midst of another snowstorm-expecting another 6-10 inches today, so it will be tricky getting to our volleyball game tonight. I offered the option cancelling to the players but everyone still wants to play. The guy in charge of the building said we could still come if we wanted the building would still be open.

Here are the things I got today---minus the vintage oval wicker laundry basket that I forgot to snap a picture of!
5 aprons, a tea towel, a daisy weaver tool, drinking glasses holder 2 non-vintage tablecloths that will look great with my Fiesta, a snowman tin, some heart drinking glasses, a tiny springform pan, a very old Pyrex bubble lid a Fire King measuring cup, 4 vintage Fiesta bread plates, a picture/postcard display holder and a couple plate holders.

I was looking forward to Treasure Fest at the Ingham County Fairgrounds today, but with the snow-decided to stay home-good thing-it looks like we have more than 4" already.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! LOL, your co-workers sure had Fun decorating your office! I hope you had a great day.
    I haven't been out "shopping" for awhile. Getting the bug to shop now! What a sneaky lady...and bad!
    Bummer that you didn't make rent. Give it a little more time...January is always a low/slow month for us.

  2. Love the items you found, especially the colors on that towel! Happy Belated Birthday!