Friday, February 14, 2014

Bay City Adventure

Today my junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage and I took off on an adventure to Bay City. We haven't been there together for a few years, so we decided we needed to plan a trip. We had a fun time catching up and chatting away. I think we solved all the world's problems, or at least we talked enough to solve them all!

We didn't have much luck in all of the shops in Bay City, and we both are pretty sure some of the things we saw on our last visit were still in the same shops with the same tags on them! We think we remember seeing the items there before, but we also noticed the price tags were so faded that you could hardly read what was written on them!

I was disappointed to see so many booths where the merchandise was just tossed here and there or wadded up in a big pile on the floor. How can any dealer expect shoppers to value and appreciate their items enough to buy them when the dealer doesn't value them enough to keep their booth clean and organized? It wasn't just a matter of shoppers leaving stuff out of place-nothing looked to have ever had a place in some of the booths.

See the signs on the display case in this booth? WOW! What do you think of this display technique Sandy?

I found a $198 quilt in a pile of quilts on the floor, under a table! On the floor! If it is so valuable, that it demands the price tag of $198, why is is in a pile on the floor? You may suggest that maybe a shopper just left it there, and I might agree with you, but it was with a bunch of other quilts and blankets and there wasn't any table room or hanging rack that it might have come from in the booth at all.

To me, seeing it laying on the floor devalued it and made it so not worth that price. I would never pay that much for a quilt anyway, but when I see a nice one, I can certainly appreciate it and the time and effort put into making it and can even appreciate a price like that if it is based on age, quality workmanship and condition-but not when it is on the floor.

Some of the booths had "Pre-Christmas Sale" Signs, one even had a "Fall Sale" sign still hanging in it. Those signs speak volumes to shoppers! If a dealer can't take the time to come in the remove an old sale sign, or update it to the season if they are still running the sale, it doesn't make me put much stock in their expertise as a dealer or much trust in them to be selling me what their tag says is truly what I am buying.

I kind of sound like an antique store snob, don't I? I don't mean to be. I just feel frustrated because I think it hurts the dealers who do work hard on keeping things fresh, clean, organized , neat and displayed nicely when others just throw stuff in piles. I'm really surprised the stores or malls allow that to happen. I guess you tend to see things in a new light, or differently when you've been on the other side and have been a seller and not just a shopper for a while.

We took a little break and ate lunch at a little diner that was packed! Rudy's Red Lion Diner...the portions were HUGE and the food was good. It wasn't anywhere near as fast as diners around my house, but it was a fun little place, and it was something different. It was made to order and not pre-packaged--good stuff!!  I would go there again!

I bet my boys could handle these challenges!!

On the way home, I realized we were pretty close to one of my all time favorite antique malls-The Antique Warehouse in Saginaw, so I suggested a quick stop. After the dismal failures at all the shops in Bay City, I don't think we were expecting much-even though I usually find things I can't live without when I stop.

Right away-the very first booth reeled us both in and we dug through a bin of vintage decals for quite a while. We both picked out some really fun designs. I can't wait to see what we end up using them for!

Then we started noticing signs here and there on some booths that individual dealers were having sales-JACKPOT! We both found a bunch of things that we couldn't live without! I really like that this mall allows dealers to hold their own sales-rather than mandate to them the days they are allowed to hold sales. I enjoy shopping in malls when out of the blue a booth here or there pops up unexpectedly having a sale-it makes me feel like I won a junkin lottery!

I got some great stuff at great prices, and we were both very glad that we decided to stop! Our next adventure is going to be south to the Toledo area and then on the Jeffrey's in Findlay.

Here is what came home with me today...


Red Harlequin pitcher (half off), gorgeous, bright tablecloth (20% off), three aprons (40% off-a little over a dollar each-at an antique mall!!! Saving them for cookie day next year!), vintage decals (can't wait to try out some projects with them!!) and a couple of bowls I picked up at an indoor flea market. If you go to Bay City, look up the indoor flea market-the prices were great and the guy working the counter was super friendly!!

Did you get to any sales today? What did you find? I found some things that didn't come home with me. I think I am obsessed with corner cabinets! I saw a couple today that were awesome! The price on the one I got was way better!

 Ever since I did some research on Flow Blue, I seem to see it everywhere!

I took a picture of this for my friend Christa. She loves Vera Bradley, but I think this might have gone just a little too far...would you wear it? It was in the Loft-inside of the Antique Warehouse, in the Vera Bradley section.

Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. If I had a booth in a flea, I would stop often and re-arrange things, keep it clean and up to date.

    As a shopper I'm not interested in dusty, disorganized booths with old signs. To me this spells: I don't CARE!!!

  2. You need to check out the shops in Holly. My daughter in law own the Bittersweet Cafe in downtown Holly. Great antique shops and there are two fairly new consignment shops,