Saturday, February 22, 2014

Take the Elevator to the Penthouse Floor...

I went to an interesting sale this morning. It was in a gated Apartment community and the entrance was off of the parking lot of a giant mall. You actually had to turn into the mall parking lot and drive around a ways to turn into the gated community's road.The sale was on the lower of 2 "penthouse" floors (or the 5th floor). The ad said you needed the apartment number to key in at the gatehouse to get in.

I tried and tried the apartment number, but it kept saying it was an invalid number. Finally, a lady who lives in the complex drove out and swiped her pass and we got in, along with the lady in the car behind us who was also going to the sale.

Once we parked, we waited in the airlock for about 20 minutes, then we were buzzed in. only the first 10 people fit on the elevator, so we waited for the second load to go up. I've never been to an estate sale where I've had to take an elevator to get to the sale-have you?? We were numbers 11 and 12.

Once we got to the floor, we had to wait outside of the sale for a few more minutes. It wasn't a really fancy place, and once you were in the apartment, it looked like the inside of a million other places I've been to before.

I was specifically going for some vintage Pyrex, a vintage rolling pin, and a glass grinder and stained glass supplies for my mom. There were a few old red and white spice jars and some green depression shakers, but those got snatched up really quickly-along with the vintage Pyrex-boo!

I did find a few things and according to my mom a smokin hot deal on the grinder and colored glass and supplies. I almost walked away from the glass stuff because to me, it seemed ridiculously high. I walked past it 3 or 4 times then I decided to send a picture text and the price. Her response- "Buy It"  "Buy It". I couldn't' believe she wanted it at the price they had it for, so I had to send her a text to confirm it!

After we left, I called her and she sounded so excited about it! I still can't believe it-I wouldn't have spent that much on it, but she would never dream of spending what I spend on vintage treasures. One mans' junk is another man's treasure!

Mr. BHTS wanted to stop at Gander Mountain, so I went to Home Goods. A very happy visit for me--I found a VERA tablecloth and dish towel!! We stopped at a couple of other places then had lunch and came home. We finally end up with a day with no commitments, and no volleyball in the evening to rush home for and we can't find enough to fill the day-go figure!

I went through the boxes of glass supplies that I got for my mom. It all cost $40, and I think she did pretty good, I stopped counting at about $55, so she at least got her money's worth.  I didn't pay the price marked on the VERA tablecloth, it was less than a third of the actual price.

Did you find any sales today??

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  1. Great finds...I don't have the patience for those sales! Had 6 community sales, including mine within spitting distance. Only did 2 neighborhoods without even getting out on main road...1.5 hrs/$15 later had the CRV filled!!! Later "stole" 5 amazing cutter quilts on craigslist. That's my budget for the rest of the month!!! LOL