Friday, February 28, 2014

WARNING!!! Serious Junk Shortage!!

Today was a super fun day-even though there was only one piece of junk treasure to be found. I started off the day at Town Peddler Antique and Craft Mall, then to Town & Country Antiques, a Salvation Army, and the last stop Yesterday's Antiques & Collectibles. Then it was on to the part of the day I was MOST excited about...meeting a very dear friend from way back (when I worked at Lenscrafters at the Briarwood Mall-I met her 23 years ago!).

While I was here, I found a Pyrex bowl marked $22 on the inside and a $2.99 thrift store price tag on the bottom-oops!!! 

 Interesting shop, really high prices (IMO) though. 

Nothing jumped out at me this time, but it's a regular stop for me!

We had a wonderful lunch! Chatting and catching up! I think it's probably been about 10 years since we've seen each other in person. We've kept up (as much as we can) on Facebook, but nothing is as good as face to face! What a great lunch date it was!!! I don't plan to wait another 10 years to see her again-that's just crazy-we only live about 45 minutes apart!

After lunch I took my friend's advice and tried a nearby Salvation Army and Goodwill. I was shocked at how low the inventory was! At the S.A. workers were actually spreading things out on the shelves to make them look fuller than they actually were!! All three thrift stores that I visited today had plenty of clothes, but the housewares areas were severely under-stocked. The furniture was really low too.

After that, I thought I'd take a quick stroll through Ikea since I was right there, and the last time we were in the area, I asked Mr BHTS if he wanted to stop and he said why would he want to go there!?!? Since I was by myself-I decided to stop. I picked up a really cool metal tray that comes completely flat and you bend the sides up and bend a little metal tab into a slot to hold the sides up. It's painted an old fashioned green color and I'm thinking of using one of my Meyercord decals to vintage-it-up.

You really can't take a quick trip through Ikea. They have it set up to draw you through the entire store. The last time I went they seemed to have a lot more vintage-y type things. This time, not so much.

On my way home, I stopped at a little antique shop in Ann Arbor. I've tried to shop at this store for a few years now, and every time I go, no matter what day/time of the week I've gone, it is closed! I got there today at 4:30 (their sign says they are open til 5), and it was locked up tight and not a single car in the parking lot. I was bummed!

I headed in the direction of home and decided to stop at a little place in Hamburg which also was supposed to be open until 5. I saw their neon "OPEN" signs lit up from the road and happily pulled into the parking lot, only to be disappointed! Someone had locked up and left early-forgetting to turn off the neon signs-booo!!!

With only one more possible junkin stop left before home, I decided to give it a try. I was half expecting that store to be closed early as well. I guess the single digit temps kept shoppers at home today-or maybe everyone is just sick of the cold and stayed home.

I was surprised that the consignment store was really bare too! I've never seen it so bare-I've been shopping there for years. It was very discouraging, and I was almost back around to the front door when I caught a glimpse of that much loved radio-active red color that I love so much!

I found a Harlequin pitcher, that was marked as "orange ceramic pitcher"! It was priced as low as a generic ceramic pitcher and not a piece of vintage Harlequin-I got a GREAT deal!!! The cashier recognized the style and she asked me if I knew about Fiesta. I told her I collect it, and this was actually Harlequin. She laughed and said she was sure I knew what I was getting. I think she was surprised it was priced so low.

Tomorrow I am going to an antiques show at the old Hartland High School. A friend and fellow junker is going to have a booth there, and I'll get to spend the morning hunting for treasures with my  junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage.

Next Friday we are taking an adventure to the south-I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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