Friday, February 7, 2014

WOW! What Customer Service!!!

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pair of earrings that I found on Etsy. I fell in love with the style, and they were really reasonable. The day they arrived, I was distracted with normal daily stuff, and I just opened the package, glanced at them and tossed them into my jewelry box. I didn't look them over at all, in fact, I left them in the tiny little baggie they came in.

About an hour after I got them, I got an email from the seller apologizing! She just realized that she sent me the wrong earrings! I didn't even look at them to notice! I probably would have, when I got around to wearing them, but I didn't notice that day.

She told me she was dropping the correct pair in the mail right away. I had already thrown away the packing materials, so I told her that I would mail them back as soon as I got the -ahem-right ones. She responded and told me to keep them! She said the cold weather must be causing brain freeze, and since it was her mistake, I could just keep them-and if I didn't like them-just give them away!

They are so similar to the pair I ordered, that I LOVE them! I feel guilty keeping them though. I will be watching her shop for new designs, I hope to shop her store again. I really appreciate sellers willing to go the extra mile and give good customer service. She went way above and beyond good customer service!

So, check out her shop, she has some really unique designs with a vintage flair-I'm sure you will fall in love with what she makes!

 These are the earrings I originally ordered. I can't wait to wear them-I just got them today!

 These are the earrings that I got first. Still very pretty!

 Little cardboard/cardstock box they came in. 

Just to show the Etsy shop name, in case you want to check out her jewelry

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