Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cabin Fever!

Today was the first day of the Mega Mall Cabin Fever Days. Once Mr. BHTS found out I was going to Lansing, he decided he was going with me so he could stop in Mason at the Gun and Knife Show at the Ingham County Fairgrounds.

Since the Gun and Knife Show started before Mega Mall opened, we headed there first. It was finally not snowing for a change and it was a great day for a drive. I dropped him off and headed back to downtown Mason to try to re-find an antique shop we passed on the way to the fairgrounds.

I lucked out! I pulled up in front of the Maple Street Antiques Mall just as they were opening for the day. What a FUN shop!! If you are looking for vintage Pyrex, vintage Fiesta and vintage linens-this is the place for you!!! It's not a huge place, but there is plenty to look at and the prices seemed very reasonable. The ladies working there were very friendly, and I enjoyed chatting with them.

I picked up a couple of tablecloths and a couple of glasses. I might have to go back for a chenille bedspread and a couple of vintage Fiesta chop plates!

I can't believe I never found this place before! I've been coming to Mason for years, and I've only ever gone to the antiques district shops. When I was leaving, they recommended that I drive down the road a little ways and visit the Columbia Street Mall.

When I went out to my car, surprise, surprise---it was snowing again! Huge, fluffy flakes-it was so pretty, not so great for driving, but it felt like I was in a snow globe!

The main part of the Columbia Street Mall  is kind of small, but it branches out and the further you get from the front of the store, the colder it gets! As you are looking down a long hallway, it is kind of creepy because all the lights are off, but as you walk a little ways, the lights come on so you are never walking in the dark.

There is even another section called the Bargain Barn that is not heated at all! BOY was it COLD!!! My eyes felt like they were going to be frozen open! I went through it in record time-this time. I plan to go back when it warms up a bit. They had a lot of Post 86 Fiesta and vintage Pyrex.

Since I hadn't gotten the "pick me up, I'm done" text from Mr BHTS, I decided to head to Leslie to visit a little resale shop I found online called Friends. It was downtown and a cute little shop. I also visited another resale shop a couple of doors down. I didn't find anything I couldn't live without.

When we finally got to Mega Mall, it was really crowded! The parking lot was packed and the aisles were swarming with people. Almost every booth was participating in the sale. Some were as high as 50% off. I found a large Pyrex Friendship casserole dish, a white refrigerator dish, and a tablecloth. Then...I saw something that made my heart skip several beats!

Then when I saw it was 50% off...I was ready to swoon! I've been looking for a corner cabinet for a while now, but none have been in my price range, or near the size I've been looking for...until today!  It only cost me seventeen cents!!! The rest was my Christmas gift cart from my parents.

The guy that helped us load it in my car was funny and joking around with us. It really makes a difference when you shop somewhere and the workers are pleasant and not snarky. He didn't think it was going to fit in my car, but once we pushed and pulled and twisted and turned it a bit, it was a perfect fit. I think he was surprised.

This is what came home with me today...

Her are are a couple of things that I never knew existed. I didn't them because they were a little high-but since I've never seen them before, I would imagine if someone was collecting this pattern they might be willing to pay it.
Have you ever seen this in pink???

This is my new/old corner cupboard. I got a nod of approval from Mr BHTS, he said he couldn't even buy the materials to make me one for the price that I paid for it!

It's not a great fit in the sun room, Maybe in the spare bedroom? I'll make it work somewhere. I plan to paint it white and light turquoise on the inside. 

How was your Saturday? Did you find any fun treasures?

Tomorrow I am fasting from electronics. No phone, laptop, tablet, tv, etc.-- totally unplugged. I am hoping to have a nice, peaceful, restful day. So, if you call me, email me or text me, I won't be answering until Monday.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Wow! What great finds! I love the linen. I wish I had a closet full.

  2. I'm going to have to make a trip to Mason soon....thanks for the tip! So glad you had such a good experience at the Mega Mall. I have found the workers there to be super nice, too. And I LOVE your corner cabinet!!!