Friday, December 10, 2010

Busy Morning!

This morning was really jam packed with lots of things to do for us! Our day started at 5:30 (even though Kevin and I were both off work), because one of Kevin's co-workers was going in for surgery (to remove a cancerous tumor)  and he was asked to come in to pray for her before she went in- her surgery was scheduled at 7am. What a blessing it was for him to be asked to pray for this coworker! 

We got some snow last night, so the roads were kind of messy this morning, but not too bad. I waited in the car for him while he ran in to the O.R.(he works in the trauma burn operating room and since I couldn't go too,  I was praying for her in the car.) and prayed with a group of nurses, and when he got back, we headed to a little restaurant right on Main Street in  Ann Arbor called the Broken Egg. I've driven past this little restaurant for years and years, and have always wanted to give it a try-and today was the day.

It's a cute little place and the food was great! I just got a couple of eggs, hash browns and an english muffin (kinda boring-huh?), Kevin went big and got caramel apple french toast. It was 3 HUGE slices of caramel apple bread with raisins, dipped in egg custard and smothered in caramel and a giant dollop of whipped cream on top of it all! I tasted a bite and it was incredible-but wayyyy too sweet for me. One bite was enough for me-but ohhh was it yummy-mmmm!

 Look at how huge the slices were! See the warm gooey caramel dripping onto the plate??

After that, we stopped at a local goodwill shop I keep reading in everyone's blogs about all the great finds and super cheap prices at goodwill stores-so I wanted to check it out-unfortunately, the one we stopped at  was a tiny shop and 95% of the stuff was clothes and the rest was new stuff-nothing vintage!

We stopped a Walmart for a couple Christmas gifts on the list, a Salvation Army store- that we just happened upon, a computer software place, and then a quick stop at Treasuremart-YAY!!! Remember the last time I tried to go to Treasuremart, I couldn't find any place to park so I couldn't go in. This time the road was packed again, but I found a spot behind the store-and boy am I GLAD I stopped!!!

I got these from the Salvation Army store...very Christmas-y!

 Another Christmas tablecloth-not so old, but maybe 70's?

 Another jar for ornaments-this one even has trees and reindeer painted on the sides!

I got these as Treasuremart:

I finally found a vintage tablecloth with purples!!!

 Shhhh...this one is a surprise-I'll show it later!

A #2 vintage Fiesta mixing bowl!!! I am sooo glad I didn't just buy up that whole set last weekend!! It was sooo much fun to find this-and it was less than half of what I could have bought it for in the set last weekend!!!

 A Glasbake baking pan/mold.

Can you sense the smile that has been plastered on my face since I stumbled on the Fiesta mixing bowl? Did you notice the sun seemed to burn brighter after about 10:30 this morning? It might have been the reflection of my smile!

 Now I am the very excited owner of a #1, #2 and #4 in the orange (or radioactive red) colored Fiesta, and a #4 in the turquoise. I don't know if I like them all together in the same color or all mixed up...what do you think? This is going to be soo much fun hunting for the rest of the bowls for the set!!

We are at home for a couple of hours-then off for dentist appointments for the family-then we can r-e-l-a-x...or get started on 900 million Christmas cookies....hmmmm...what to do....what to do....LOL!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!

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  1. I'm SO excited that you got that Fiesta bowl! What a find -- you were right to continue with the 'thrill of the hunt'! You always find the good stuff like that bowl and the Christmas tablecloth when I'm not with you. :-)

    I'm also jealous that you got to go to a) Treasure Mart & b) The Broken Egg. I've always wanted to stop there, too, and there's always something wonderful about breakfast out!