Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inspector Issues...RESOLVED-YAYYY!

Kevin had an appointment this morning with the building inspector to find out what could be done about resolving the issues and it went really well! So well, that we now have a permit and can begin enclosing our deck to make a sun room!

It turns out, it all turned ugly when I called to check on the permit on the 19th. While I was speaking with the receptionist, there was another inspector guy standing there, who told her to tell me that it was going to be a few more days because there were 7 other requests before ours. Somehow, he got angry that I called to check, and gave the main inspector guy some wrong or misinformation, and it set our whole permit process on a downward spiral.

So, after meeting face to face and talking things over, we found out that the main inspector guy is a decent guy, he was cordial and polite (as was Kevin-I was praying all morning for that, because I know how angry he was going in to the meeting), and they were able to figure out what the issue was -and he approved our plans! The issue...he wanted us to use the bigger windows that we originally wanted, but the designer guy said wouldn't be up to code.

WHEW! Sooo glad that part is over! Now we just have to start the actual building project. Wonder why we are building a sun room in the middle of just happens to be the time we (Kevin) finally decided to do it, and when we finally got approval. Since the walls are mostly windows, hopefully it will go up fast-before the real snow hits.

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