Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Fix

Finally there were some promising looking estate sales within decent driving distance! It has been pretty sparse around here lately, I was almost starting to go through withdrawals from not getting a vintage thrifting fix for a while.

Luckily for me, there were three pretty good sales today. One was in Sterling Heights, one in Hamtramck and one in Ferndale. Auntie and I met early and planned to be in line at the Sterling Heights sale a half an hour before it was scheduled to open. When we got there, we saw lots of cars lining the street, but no line! They actually started earlier than they advertised and were letting people in. It was great because I sure wasn't looking forward to standing out in the cold for at least a half an hour!

It was a very dirty house. I found a covered refrigerator dish that was so dirty, the dirt looked like paint! I forgot to take a before picture to show you how bad it was-I was just so anxious to get the grime off of it, I didn't even think about taking pictures. It cleaned up pretty good, and doesn't have any chips-just a little scratching on the lid (probably from all the dirt).

I got a box of small old ornaments for $1. I looked at them in the dingy basement and they looked fine. When I got home in my bright kitchen-they look not so good. There are more tarnish spots than I was expecting.

I picked up this little juice glass-not sure if it is an official Swanky Swig or not, and a never used, in the package vintage flat sheet and a couple of pillowcase sets. I like to use flat sheets to spread out in the back end of my car to keep the carpet from getting stuff on it, and this one is bright and cheery-I'm excited to open the back end and see it!

Then we headed to the sale in Hamtramck-boy do I feel bad for making this one second on our list! Poor Auntie-she really wanted to go to this one because it looked really good online, and I chose for us to visit the other one first-sorry Auntie!

This was part regular estate sale, and part digger sale. As we were going in we saw lots of vintage tablecloths  going out-WAHHH! We did manage to find a couple of tablecloths each and a couple kitchen towels each-so we sorta got our fix, but we missed out on some great ones, I'm sure!

In the house they were burning some sort of incense that was ugh-probably one of the worst flowery smells I've ever smelled! I still can't get that smell out of my nose! Out in the garage there were boxes and bags and bins full of stuff to dig through-and dig we did! It was fun, but dirty! I also picked up this folding ruler for $1-now to just find a place to hang it...

The last sale of the day was in Ferndale. I found a small embroidered square tablecloth, and that was all for me. It was fun to be out and about today visiting estate sales and catching up with Auntie-it's been a few weeks since we've been to any sales.

Tomorrow we are going to Williamston and Howell for the two antique mall open houses I mentioned in an earlier blog post. It looks like 3 other ladies from work will be joining us-how fun! After paying estate sale prices, it is hard to even imagine going in to an antique shop to buy never hurts to look...and it's always fun to hang out with friends! We have a first time antiquer going with us, so it should be fun to see her reaction to things, and what she finds intriguing.

If you live close enough to Williamston and Howell, you should check these sales out! You might even bump into our group-we'll be the ones looking at vintage Fiesta, jadeite, vintage table linens, vintage Christmas, LuRay, and anything out of the ordinary that catches one of our eyes. We'll probably be laughing a lot too! :)

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