Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Summertime Wishlist...

I've made two treasure seeking wishlists and have done very well in finding things this past year that have been on my list. So I thought I'd make a new list for the new treasure seeking season! Here are the things I'll be looking for this summer as I head out to estate sales, garage sales, festivals and flea markets...

               ~Vintage brightly colored tablecloths
               ~Vintage Fiesta #7 mixing bowl (3)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #6 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #5 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #3 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #2 mixing bowl (2)
               ~Vintage Fiesta #1 mixing bowl (1)
               ~Vintage Harlequin ball jugs/pitchers-all colors except orange, yellow and green
               ~Vintage Harlequin dishes and serving pieces
               ~Vintage Riviera dishes and serving pieces
               ~Edwin Knowles Yorktown dishes and serving pieces
               ~Brightly colored vintage dishtowels
               ~Aqua/Turquoise vintage Pyrex mixing bowls (404, 403 & 402)
               ~Vintage Pink Pyrex mixing bowl #404
               ~Vintage Fiesta pitchers, tea pots, and carafes
               ~Swanky Swigs-florals, stripes, and dots
               ~Amethyst blown glass rolling pin
               ~Vintage glass Christmas ornaments
               ~Vintage Fiesta and Harlequin shakers
               ~Vintage Kitchen Kraft items
               ~An old wooden school chair (desk size)

I know this is a huge list. I'd be thrilled to find just one or two things from the list this summer.

What about you? What does your summer wish list look like? Is there anything I can look for for you?


  1. Heading out to an estate sale in a couple of hours once the princess is done with school.I coudln't possibly make a list.It would take forever and you wouldn't want to read through the entire thing.I'll stick with hoping to find something that makes my heart flutter.Half the time I didn't even know I liked it until I discovered it.Wishing you great finding karma as you head out.Enjoy.

  2. my wish list is just to find things that interest me and are at a good price! Your list looks fantastic!

  3. Great idea! I don't have a list...I'm going to make one.
    Sure hope you find ALL of the things you are looking for...