Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday...A Stay at Home Day

None of the sales today looked worth the drive, so we decided to stay home. Kevin puttered around in the sun room, getting a few little things done, and I went out the the barn and started sanding the headboard bench. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's so I plan to go out after church to paint.

I started painting this picture frame.

I had it in the booth for 2 months and no one took it home. I think it was the gold color...pretty soon, it will be a creamy off white.  I might even try my hand at smashing some of my clear glassware to make the frame into this...

I saw these in one of the booths in our antique mall and immediately fell in love with them. I can't figure out how they did it though...any ideas? One of the workers at the mall told me that the back side was really sharp because of all of the exposed broken glass. I thought it was all glued onto a window...

While I was making lunch I heard the post office truck pull up the driveway and honk...look what came in the mail!

This big box and big sticker make it seem like something super important...

 It is!! Harlequin shakers!

Now this little guy isn't so lonely! ;)

Sorry about the bad pictures...our camera is MIA again, and all I had was my phone. I wish they had a remote finder device for cameras!!


  1. That's wonderful -- Harlequin shakers to go with your donkey!

    I liked those broken glassware windows, too. You and I never got to see (or feel) the back, but I don't see why you couldn't glue the broken shards onto a plain glass window with E6000 or some other strong, clear adhesive. The patterns in the shards and irregularities would hide the glue.

    I think you'll have fun with that project!

  2. good luck with the frame project, the broken glasswear looks amazing - wouldnt want to try it myself though eek! Scarlett x