Friday, April 1, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

After I made the big bowl of soup for the church dinner, Adam was getting ready to head to the church to return a laptop he had been fixing for one of our pastors, so I suggested we ride together! I don't get to spend nearly enough time with him. He's almost 20-geesh-that makes me feel so old!!! So, I have to be creative in my ways to hang out with me. Since we were out, I suggested lunch out-of course-what teenage boy can refuse FREE food?!?

Here's what the soup turned out like-you can get the recipe from my previous post. This has 10 & 2/3 cups of milk-it doesn't look as huge as it really is!!!

We had a nice time, chatting and catching up. He's a little bummed...his best friend has a girlfriend and he hasn't been around. No texts, no emails, and no playing Xbox live for 6 days!!! Oh the tragedy of it all!!! He says he's giving Matt grace for 4 months, and after 4 months he better have this girlfriend thing all figured out and be able to spend some time with is friends again-LOL! He reminded me how when he had a girlfriend, he "always made sure he still had time to hang with the guys"...too funny!

We went to Salsarita's --YUM! The best part...frequent diner bucks! Our meal only cost $4.82 with my Salsarita's card. Now that's a bargain!

After dropping him back at home so he could go to work, I went to a small local children's clothing store that is going out of business. Bet you're wondering why I'd be shopping in a children's store, since my "children" are both over 200 lbs and almost adults...well....this store happens to sell Miche bags!!! I have LOVED these bags since I first laid eyes on them over a year ago. Now was my chance to finally own one! I picked this one, and I'm really excited that they make a mini bag-I don't like to carry big purses-so this is just perfect!

Have you heard of Miche bags? They are really a smart idea. you buy the inner purse in either black or brown, then you buy magnetic shells that wrap around the bag part. The magnets are strong and it stays in place very well. The best part---you can change out the shell in about 2 seconds to make it look like you have a whole new purse-no swapping out the contents!

Kevin surprised me by coming home early from work and he drug persuaded me to check out ceiling fans for the sun room. I found one that is soo AWESOME! It really looks rustic-the blades almost look hand scraped! It is waiting patiently in the garage and will someday make its way into the nightmare money pit sun room.

I've enjoyed catching up on all of your blogs! You've had some fun adventures, found some great treasures and had some encouraging and insightful things to say! Thanks for making my day-I love to catch up on what you all have been doing! Happy Weekend ~ Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

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