Thursday, April 21, 2011

My BABY is 17 today!!

Seventeen years ago today my youngest son was born. On that same day, my husband, his brother and brother-in law and I were busy planting 300 pine seedlings that we got from our county soil conservation organization.

I kept telling Kevin that I was in labor and I thought we should go. He really wanted to get his trees planted, and he remembered my first labor and delivery with Adam...I had to be induced and it took 8 long, boring hours for the contractions to he assumed we had plenty of time, and kept putting me off.

Finally, at 9pm I got him into the house to go to the hospital, but he had other plans...he had to take a shower...pack a huge bag of snacks and some things to do (during the long wait). I was so sure I was further along, I thought I was going to have Eric in the car on the way-his brother-in-law did too!

We made it to the hospital at 9:30pm. Since I felt like I was ready to push, he took me to the emergency entrance. We pulled up, I hefted my huge body out of our tiny little Ford Escort, and we were met by an emergency worker-who promptly informed us that if I was in labor, we needed to get back into the car and drive around to the women's & children's  hospital.

We got in, drove around to the entrance to the women's and children's hospital...and he ran and got a wheelchair from the sidewalk, got me in it raced to the automatic doors...and they were locked!! All the while, I'm contracting, panting and trying to not push! He finally found a side door that was unlocked and raced in to be immediately stopped by the security guard who obviously had a vision imparement, because he asked, "Is she in labor?" Duh!

Finally we convinced them that yes, I was in labor. Somehow we got away and made it up the elevator to the labor and delivery floor. The nurses didn't believe I was very far along in the labor process and casually asked me to change into a gown, and give a urine sample. What a feat that was with constant contractions! After all that (which seemed to take a lifetime), when they finally checked...I was fully dilated and ready to push! They had to rush me into a room across the hall-I remember seeing nurses flying around trying to get the room set up in time. Three very quick pushes later...Eric William was born! 7 lbs 11 oz 21"-born at...10:01pm!

His middle name is my Dad's middle name, and he actually looks a lot  and like my Dad and has a LOT of the same mannerisms! He's a junior in high school, is going on his third mission trip in a couple of months. He is a very avid hunter and he loves to fish. He loves raising his chickens and ducks and just thrives in the outdoors. He is very good with children, he's patient, kind and very loving. He is wise beyond his years and very thoughtful. He has had struggles with ADD, but has worked hard to over come them. He has become a wonderful young man-who will make some lucky girl a wonderful husband some day!

Just today while he was at the store, he remembered that my windshield wipers were in bad shape and he picked me up a pair and installed them when he got home!

It's been a fun journey through all of the stages thus far in his life. I am so proud of the fine young man he has become. I'm looking forward to watching him grow into manhood, and some day become a husband and father.

Happy Birthday Eric! I love you!!

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  1. What a story! He sounds like a wonderful young man! Happy Birthday to him!