Friday, April 15, 2011

We Passed!

On Monday we passed our rough electrical inspection and today we passed our rough building inspection for our nightmare, money pit sun room! Whew!!! What a relief to have those inspections behind us and approved!

All afternoon we've been insulating, insulating, insulating! Maybe tomorrow we can start on the drywall! Next week the siding will go up and then we can have our final inspections-hopefully they will go as well as the rough inspections did. 

We are all very anxious to be able to use this room, and with the weather forecast for the next two days calling for rain...we won't have any excuses for not getting some serious work done!

We're trying to decide on the flooring...maybe you can help us make the decision. Our first choice was porcelain tile (same as what we have in our kitchen and dining room that opens into the sun room). My Dad recently suggested hardwood floors. I'm worried that the temperature fluctuations might make the wood warp, and with our sand volleyball court in the back yard, and having people coming in to the house through the sun room after playing...the sand could scratch up the wood. On the other hand, the wood would definitely be warmer than the tile and would be easier to install.

What do you think? We haven't made a decision yet. Either way, we'll be doing the work ourselves just like we did throughout the rest of our house. We probably could have enclosed the deck ourselves instead of hiring the builders, but we were expecting the professionals to have it done in the two weeks they promised (a lot quicker than the 3 months it has taken them). Live and learn-right?

I'm hoping that you all had a great day of thrifting today. Since I didn't get out to any sales, I'm needing a thrift fix! I'll be checking out your blogs to drool over your Friday finds.

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. If your sunroom is on the south side of your house and gets the winter sun I'd install the tile floors. They will collect heat from the sun in the winter and help to heat the room. If it's on the north side and will get the summer sun I'd go for bamboo.