Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Date Day

Kevin and I went to one very tiny sale and a church rummage sale. The rummage sale was to raise money for that church's youth group's mission trip. I got a few things at the first sale, and I just missed a big pile of Homer Laughlin Riviera dishes by about 5 seconds-bummer!!!

I did get a lilac Fiesta cup and saucer, and some other fun things-so I can't complain. Kevin found a $20 bill in the grass a few houses down-so that made up for there being no guy things.

 This is a pic of my finds. The door on the left is from a small cabinet that I couldn't resist. All of the purple is staying-the rest is for the booth. I LOVE the musical cake stand...might have to keep that too!

At the church rummage sale, there was only 3 teens running the whole sale. On top of the usual rummage sale fare, they were selling homemade apple turnovers with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for $1-so Kevin had a great day too...found money and a fantastic dessert! I picked up a couple small things at the rummage sale.

All that fun and we were home by 10:30!! We sure enjoy our Saturday mornings together-what a fun date time we have going to a couple garage sales a week!

I think climbing up on ladders and hanging insulation is a job best left to the strong teenage boys and the husband in our house. After several hours yesterday and today, my back started screaming for me to stop. It stinks to get older-and I'm not much past 40!! Can't wait to see what I'm in store for in the next 10 years!

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  1. Am so envious your partner is into going to garage sales with you, sounds like the perfect Saturday morning to me!