Thursday, April 21, 2011

Marshmallow Drop and Moon Glow Egg Hunt

Do you remember last year when I posted about the marshmallow drop and moon glow egg hunt that was held on the township property next door to our house? You can read about it here. Today is their second attempt and even though I stayed home this year, I am pleased to announce that they seem to have a much better handle on organization and they actually seem to be pulling it off this year!

They have a better plan for parking, and they have people guarding the eggs so no one can get in early and snatch them up.  They learned well from last year's fiasco. There are hundreds of kids next door...and at $8 a kid...I'm glad to see they got the kinks from last year worked out! Although, I think $8 a kid is totally ridiculously high...maybe they can work on lowering the price for next year! =)

We can stand in our soon to be sun room and hear the loud speakers, and see the giant bunny and chicks dancing to kiddie Easter music. We just stood in the doorway and watched a helicopter fly over head and drop a huge load of marshmallows-and they actually hit the soccer field! Last year they used an airplane and it didn't work at all!!

The helicopter flew right over our barn, only above it by about 20 feet! That was nerve wracking for Kevin for a couple of seconds! They were higher on the second pass-if you look close, you can see the stream of marshmallows falling from the helicopter!

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