Friday, April 8, 2011

Soggy, Slim Pickin's

Today was a rainy gray day with slim pickings at the sales I visited. I only went to two estate sales and both of them were grossly over priced. It figures the rain would stop and even a glimpse of the sun shone through when I got home and didn't have to be out in it any more!

These are the two things that came home with me today...a tablecloth and a napkin. The only reason I got the tablecloth was because the woman in line in front of me was scared of the stains and passed on it--so I snatched it up!

This month is turning out to be much better sales-wise for me in the booth. I only have $7 to go to make my rent-woo hoo!! Hopefully this weekend will put me over the top.

Did you get to any sales today? I'll be stopping by your blogs to see the treasures you picked up today-can't wait to see what you found!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Pretty tablecloth! I went to a thrift store today and found a pretty vintage tablecloth, too. I very quickly glanced at the price tag, thinking it read $4.99. At the check-out counter I discovered it was marked $14.99!! I have never paid that much for a vintage tablecloth at a thrift store before!! (The cloth was not pristine). Needless to say, I put it back. Way out of my price range.

  2. The tablecloth is gorgeous! I'm glad to hear you're having a good month at your booth! I feel so relieved when I make rent before the month is over! :) For some reason my sales have been really slow lately??

    I wish my mall would provide daily reports. We get a report--but only once a month. It would make things so much easier. Like being able to tell if a missing item had actually sold or if it was sitting in someone else's booth. :)

  3. Hi Protector of Vintage! WOW! $14.99 is really high for a thrift tablecloth! Maybe it will still be there next week when the price goes down! I would have put it back too!

    Hi Jackie! Our mall has a set up that is so nice, every night at 8pm we can go online, log in and see what our sales are (or aren't) for the day. Sometimes it's not so good-the days when you don't sell anything, but for the most part it is really nice to keep track daily.

    Thanks for stopping by girls!