Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Our weekend started off busy and has just kept on hopping! It started with the chickens going to a new home on Thursday night, then both Kevin and I being off on Friday-something that hasn't happened in a while. We went to a few sales together in the morning and then off to an indoor shooting range in the afternoon. He took an all day class last Sunday for his permit to carry a concealed weapon, so he wanted some practice.

He goes hiking a lot in the woods in the U.P. and has always been concerned about bears, so now, once he gets his permit, he can carry a pistol for protection. I got to shoot too. It was my first time at an indoor range, and my first time with a 9mm. I think I am a better shot with a rifle than a hand gun-but it was fun anyway.

Last night, Eric had a few friends over to hang out and eat, and play xbox, and eat, and hang out, and eat...LOL! He had invited the whole mission team from his mission trip in June, but a lot of them were either heading off to college or a last minute vacation with their families so only 3 guys showed up-but he still had fun.

Today we went to a couple of sales in the morning and then off to Adam's friend's wedding. It was waaaayyy out in the middle of nowhere in a little hall off of the fire department in Durand. It was probably the quickest wedding I've ever been to-less than15 minutes long! They only took about 30 minutes for pictures, and there was TONS of great homemade food. Her mom worked really hard and she made almost every dish you could imagine.

We are back home for a bit, then Kevin is off to a work picnic around 7. I think I am done with going to parties where I have to sit with people I don't know for today-so I'll just stay home. Besides, we might have someone coming to get the ducks (either tonight or tomorrow after church), so I have to be home for that!!

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