Thursday, August 4, 2011

There is a Buyer out there for EVERYTHING!!!

Just a quick post, in between jumping around and pinching I sold a huge, heavy, old anvil that my husband insisted that we put in our booth. (Note that it was not my idea-lol).

It has been our little joke for the past 4 months-almost every night when I go online to check my sales for the day, he always asks "Did you sell the anvil?"

Tonight he decided to go for a run, and I had to walk down to road to find him! TOO FUNNY! I'm sure no one else will find this as funny as we do-I guess you had to be in on the private joke to get a laugh out of this-but I just couldn't keep it to myself! LOL!

I will have to go in the the antique mall tomorrow to see who had to carry it to the front desk (and who I owe the Coke to!)-it was 130 pounds!!!


  1. I love it -- I watched man after man stop and look at that anvil when I was working at the mall. How good that someone finally bought it!

  2. None of the people working today even knew that it was sold, but they were sure happy they weren't the one who had to bring it to the cashier station! :)