Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Long Day - Short Post

Just got home from a whirlwind trip north to see my grandma for probably the last time. I picked up my Aunt Brenda at 7am -we got there a little after 11 and I dropped her off back at her at home at 6pm.  We made it there and back safely-so thanks for thinking of us and for your prayers!!

I was surprised to see how much she has changed since I saw her in the middle of July. She knew who we were, she was happy (I think) to see us. She carried on a conversation with us. My Aunt wanted some alone time with her so we all left the room for a while. She tried telling my grandma about how even though she is going through all of these trials with cancer and now having spots on her brain that she is at peace because she knows the Lord and trusts Him no matter what happens to her.

Grandma didn't want to hear it. She tried talking to her about it three times and finally gave up when grandma turned her head away and looked at the wall.

It was an amazingly awesome time for me (and I hope my aunt) in the car! We talked like we have never talked before! We talked so much both of us are hoarse! Those long hours in the car flew by like minutes-it was incredible! What a blessing for me to be able to spend the day with her today!!! I admire her faith, and trust in the Lord even in the midst of her own struggles to survive.

Thanks so much for the thoughts, prayers, comments and emails! I could feel the love all day!!! :)


  1. I'm glad that long day is behind you and that you were able to spend that precious time with your aunt. I'm sorry, though, that your grandmother wouldn't listen your aunt and that she's so unbending. You're right -- our God is a God of miracles and anyone's heart can change. The prayers aren't ended just because you and your aunt are home... :-)

  2. Prayers keep coming, I am glad that a day that could of been sad was a happy one you will always remember.

  3. That was tough today. My MIL was like the grandma - she was the centre and everyone had to give to her. Not remembered in the way one wants to be remembered. Makes me careful to not be at all like that.

    Prayers for your dear Auntie. I was once fortunate to travel with my sister on 12 hour drives - and the time flew. When we are in out late 50's/60's we don't get real sister/aunt/daughter time except in extraordinary circumstances.