Sunday, August 28, 2011

Junk Becomes Fun!

Have you seen a bottle tree? Do you have one? I've been wanting one all summer long. Last summer, I stuck landscape sticks in the ground in my flower beds and put bottles on them all over the place, along with some pretty old floral plates that I "planted" in the ground.

This year, I've been so busy with the booth, and with running north for vacation and my grandma, that I never got around to planting plates or bottles. I did however, talk Kevin in to a quick little welding job this afternoon!! He made me a bottle tree of out some scrap metal rods he had out in the barn.

I am still looking for some red, yellow and purple bottles that will fill in some of the green and brown spots, but I'm pretty excited with how it looks, and I haven't even scrubbed the weld spots with a wire brush or painted it yet!!

I went to a local store because I found a wine online that comes in a red bottle and it said they carried it...not any more I guess! I did find a cool white bottle that I bought. I poured the wine into a different jug in the fridge. I really could care less about the wine itself...I'm interested in the bottle only. The website for the wine in the red bottle listed another party store that might have it, so maybe next weekend when I am out looking for sales, I'll stop in to see if they have it. I won't make a special trip again.

I wonder if I could spray paint some dark green or brown bottles with high gloss bright colors...what do you think? Do you think it would turn out?


  1. I've always wanted a bottle tree - I think they are beautiful. Do you have recycling bins anywhere you could go hunt through for pretty bottles? Or maybe resturants?

  2. My BIL made a bunch of these last summer. I finally put mine in the garden. I've been looking for "red" wine bottles (I drink the wine also) but haven't been able to locate any. I've put up blue, clear, and green bottles. Looks pretty good but red would make it look great. Good luck with your quest for bottles. Your husband did a great job!! LuAnn

  3. Great idea Shara! I'll have to check at some of our local restaurants! I think it would be fun to put funky shaped bottles on there as well!

    LuAnn--I stopped at the Salvation Army on the way home from work today and they had a little red bottle with a tag on the bottom that said Dollar next stop is the Dollar Store!

    I wonder if I can get him to make me another one...or two...LOL!

  4. Love your bottle tree. Thanks for the great idea.
    - Joy

  5. Great idea, but be aware that the sun reflecting on the glass and through to fabric or skin (say if a child was playing/sitting nearby) can cause burns and even fires. Stay safe!