Friday, August 12, 2011

My Michigan's Antique Yard Sale Trail Adventure...

I found out about Michigan's Antique Yard Sale Trail a few years ago and have been wondered what it would be like. I think it is supposed to be Michigan's version of the World's Longest Yard Sale. Some times it did remind me of it, but mostly it was just a LOT of driving and not enough sales! Maybe there will be more sales tomorrow with it being Saturday and more people having the day off...

It took an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the start and then another several hours of driving north along M29 and M25. Some of the scenery was just breathtaking! Lots of views of Lake Huron, lots of gorgeous stately homes-and lots of wonderful farms and farmland. All of the sites were worth the drive-once---not something I plan to repeat.

I'm glad I went, because I would have always wondered what it was like and what I was missing. The first sale I stopped at had a ton of funky painted furniture. Hot pink with polka dots on a child's rocker, all kinds of wild colors on wood furniture, but tastefully done (if you can imagine that) with a fun and funky twist to it. I would have bought some of the pieces but they were really expensive! As I was walking through the front yard to cross the street to my car, I walked past a casket that was painted with horizontal rainbow stripes that were about 3" wide with about a 1" wide white stripe in between each color. It was on a stand with the top half propped open and blankets and stuff spilling out of it.

Of course, I forgot my phone in the car for that sale! I still am scratching my head over that one! How did they come up with that idea? Where in the world did they get a casket? It was very artsy and kinda cool, but what would you do with it? Save it for your funeral? Seems like it would be always in the way!

I stopped at several other sales along the route. The longest stretch without any sales was about 24 miles. Then around Caseville they just dried up pretty much all together. I think I only saw 3 sales from Caseville to Sebewaing-that was a LOT of driving for no sales!

After the "trail", I went further north to West Branch and met my parents and Eric at Home Depot, so I could pick him up and bring him home after a summer up north with Grandma and Grandpa. It's about the half way point for both of us, so it works out well to meet there.

So, by the time I got home, it was 12 hours after I left! My behind doesn't want to see the car seat again for a couple of days!!!

This is what I brought home...I only spent about $20 on stuff-and I'm not even going to mention what I spent on gas-LOL! Almost everything I bought was either $2 or twenty five cents. I also got a giant blow mold snowman holding a broom-it's still in the car...I'm avoiding the car for a while!

This is what I saw...

I only came across a few big, big sales like the ones I took pictures of. The rest were smaller individual sales. For the most part, prices were really high-more than what you could get things for in our antique mall, but every once in a while I found a treasure in my cheap price range!


  1. I've done the MI yard sale trail for the past 5 years. I try to take a different route each year to keep it interesting. Usually between Lexington and Marine City there are alot of sales. I'm heading out in the morning--first time I've done it on Satuday. Hopeing to find some treasures too. Thanks for sharing. LuAnn

  2. I think it would be fun to try out, but it does sound like alot of windshield time. You did great for under $20!

  3. Wow that sounds like fun! I think of gas as what you pay for the entertainment value. Makes me feel better about it. Lol

  4. LuAnn, I hope you had GREAT luck finding things! Did you see the rainbow casket?

    Auntie-it was an adventure, but not one I am too eager to repeat. I'm glad I already had a reason for heading north-that helped make it more worthwhile.

    Hello Vintage-That's a great way to think of it!!!

  5. I wanted to attend the WLYS thru Kentucky this year, but wasn't able to plan it. :( I should have ran up to MI (I spend time between KY and "Michiana" for work purposes) instead. Ahh, maybe next year!

    Great finds for cheap!