Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retro Napkin Holder...and Some Other Fun Things...

I found this at a local Goodwill along with some other fun things. I've never seen a napkin holder like this and I thought it was really cute-especially at 60¢. 

 I found a couple of other things at other sales, these pictures have seen better days, but I was thinking of painting the frames, off white-it might brighten them up a bit. I got this old record box for a quarter since the handle was broken. I don't even have any records-I just liked the red and white box!

I also found this guy...I know it's out of season, but I thought he was really cute!

Last but not old grocery cart-or granny cart as I call them. I couldn't walk away from it once I saw it-especially at $3. 

I am linking up to Stephanie over at Junker Newbie for Would You Buy it Wednesday. C'mon over! You know you want to! It's FUN!


  1. Blow molds are always in season! I'm beginning to have a nice little collection.....

    Love the granny cart! You can't go to a big flea without one :)

  2. I love your lil market cart I want one so bad and can not find one!!! If anyone out there in the world finds one reasonable drop me a line!!!

  3. I would for sure buy the "granny cart"!

  4. Very nice finds! The blow mold is super cute and the cart is too! Are you going to keep it or sell it? That would be a tough decision for me. :)